Friday, 15 June 2018

FFS Friday - Winning

Hello Friday! We've made it to the end of another week. I hope you've all had a wonderful week.

Today I bring you the latest episode of Things That Only Happen When Tiger is Away.

So. Last week. Where do I start? 

There's been something dodgy going on with my car for months now. The radio doesn't always switch off when I open the car door, the reverse camera stays on sometimes, if I've been talking on the phone, when I hang up the radio won't come back on etc. Just random, strange things. 

The radio not turning off when I open the car door has been getting worse and worse until Friday afternoon it died. I now have to turn the radio off every time I get out of the car. No worries. 
I called the auto electrician who told me it could be a switch in the door (easy to fix) or a part of the computer. Guess which one it turned out to be? The switch. Winning! It'll still cost $400 but I'm betting that's a lot cheaper than the computer part would be.

Saturday my laptop started playing up. I consulted Google, ran a few tests and found out that the hard drive was stuffed. Great. Thankfully I'd backed everything up to a hard drive the week before and I managed to back up the last few things so didn't lose any of my information. Winning. 

I got a new computer (perfect timing with the end of financial year sales), found a computer desk at Kmart and now I have a little computer nook, I love it. 

Sunday we were at the park (as usual). The boys love playing with dogs and most owners are happy to oblige. A dog arrived at the park, the boys asked if they could pat it and the owner said no, it needed to run around first. Once it'd run around for a while the owner said they could pat the dog. 

Chai patted it then wandered off to play. When Eljay pats a dog he likes to lean down and look it in the eyes as he pats it. I always tell him not to do this, to keep his head away from the dogs face. Usually he remembers. Sunday he didn't. 

As he leaned down to look at the dog, it got excited, jumped up and bit his ear. I don't think it was intending to bite him, but it did. He screamed and ran over to me. The owner apologised, put the leash around his mouth and asked if Eljay wanted to pat her so that he wasn't scared of dogs. I refused and told her we have a dog at home. Eljay was starting to calm down, then when he realised that he was bleeding he got hysterical.

I had nothing other than my phone, a few tissues and my keys on me. When the dogs owner realised Eljay was bleeding she got really upset, started hyperventilating and crying. 
So I've got an upset owner and screaming Eljay. Then Chai saw the blood and started getting upset too. FML.

Naturally that was the day that the boys took their scooters to the park. I had to get Eljay and his scooter and helmet home.

First I had to calm down the dog owner. She was apologising over and over again and looked as if she was about to collapse. She wanted to drive us home, I didn't want her to cause I'm funny about people knowing where I live. 

After I spent five minutes trying to calm her, Eljay and Chai down I gave up on the poor lady, told her everything was okay and started the walk home. I couldn't carry Eljay and his scooter so Eljay had to walk. What would normally take us two minutes took ten as Eljay was walking so slowly. By the time we got home I was regretting not accepting the lift home. Oh well.

We got inside, I patched up Eljay's ear, calmed everyone down and we were all good...until the next morning. 

I could see that his ear had been bleeding overnight and I needed to look at it to see if he needed stitches or to go to the Dr. Eljay wouldn't let me near it. It took me three hours of pleading, bribery and coercing just to get the plaster off. The gauze was stuck to his wound and there was no way he was letting me near it.

I left the gauze on and thankfully it came off overnight. The wound is healing nicely and can be covered by a bandaid. Wonderful.

Meanwhile the owner of the dog had posted a message to our local residents page on FaceBook then private messaged me to let me know how sorry she was and that she was getting a dog trainer to see her dog! That's what I call a responsible dog owner!    

Have a beautiful weekend.


  1. She was probably not only upset that her dog hurt Eljay, but also that she may lose her dog. In some areas, if your dog bites, no matter why, it gets put down if the victim or anyone else reports it.

  2. You're right. I found out later that she was worried I'd try to get the dog put down. Poor lady. There's no way I would have wanted the dog put down, it was just excited, it wasn't aggressive or trying to hurt E.


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