Wednesday, 20 December 2017

How I find the time to look after my skin and hair

Since having the boys I've had trouble finding time to take care of myself. Gone are my Sunday night face mask sessions where I'd lay on my bed and read whilst my face mask did it's work. Also gone are the days where I'd put a treatment in my hair and leave it in for an hour whilst I read or watched tv.

The lack of sleep really played havoc with my skin and I feel like I look ten years older than I did pre kids. Whilst I can no longer sit around for half an hour or more as my face or hair mask does it's thing, I can still find the time to look after myself.

I now apply my face masks in the morning. After I've had my coffee I wash my face then put on a face mask and leave it on whilst I'm getting the boys their breakfast and doing the morning stuff. That takes about half an hour, so by the time I'm finished it's time to get in the shower and wash the mask off. I do this around three times a week. On days when I'm in a rush I'll use one that only needs to be applied for five or ten minutes, put it on as I'm getting read for the shower and wash it off just before I get out of the shower. I love that most face masks now only need to be on for fifteen minutes or less.

I don't get to apply hair treatments as often as I'd like, mainly because I forget. If I'm having a day where we don't have to go out I'll put an oil treatment on my hair in the morning and wash it out at lunch time. Alternatively, I put the mask on at night, tie my hair up and sleep with a towel over my pillow so the pillow doesn't get covered in hair product. The next morning I wash my hair and I'm done. 

How do you fit skin and hair care into your routine?

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