Friday, 8 December 2017

FFS Friday - I'm on fire

Tiger had to go back to work early again. FFS.

I really don't like it when he does long swings. The time he's away already feels like a lifetime, having him away longer makes it feel like two lifetimes.

The boys have been really struggling with him being away lately. No matter what I do I struggle to cheer them up, it's heartbreaking and really, really frustrating.

Poor Chai spent all of fly out day sobbing, trying not to cry and following me around. 

I have no idea what to say to him when he's like that. Distraction doesn't work, he's too upset to go to the park or to a friends house, so we just stay home and I hold him until he feels better. By the end of the day we are both drained.

FIFO sucks.

Next year should be easier because Chai will be at school again, hopefully.

We find out next Friday what teacher he'll get. Smart move by the school. They're releasing the class lists at 4pm Friday, which means you won't be able to enter into any discussions with them until next year.

It means I'll either spend the whole school holidays hopeful or worried. 

We're at the point where if he doesn't get a good teacher I'll just home school until we can get into the free range school. 

The free range school is beautiful. The setting is lovely, the students seemed really nice and the teachers were lovely. I have everything crossed that they'll find a position for my boys.

 I'm not above pleading my case, it truly would be the perfect school for the boys. 

What's with companies that don't offer free shipping? I find it so frustrating! Especially when you're spending hundreds of dollars.

A few days ago I went to place our WelleCo order. They normally have free shipping when you spend over $200. I was spending $229 and the shipping charge was $44! WTF?

I emailed them to see if there was a system error and they told me that they don't offer free shipping anymore. Seriously.

They were really nice and offered to give me the number for their Perth store so that I could have it shipped from there as that would be cheaper.

I have to wonder why a Perth based company ships from NSW, makes no sense to me.

The next day I got their newsletter with a free shipping code in it. 

You'd think they could have told me that! 

Not a good way to keep your customers loyal WelleCo.

Next time I'll just order from Nourished Life, they have free shipping for all orders. 

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