Sunday, 5 November 2017

Thoughts of the week

1. This week the boys did Halloween for the first time. They loved it. Chai has been wanting to do Halloween for a few years now but I've always said no, I don't like the idea of encouraging them to go to strangers homes and collect lollies. This year our local shopping centre had Halloween, how awesome is that! The shops participated with stashes of lollies, so I got to browse the shops whilst the kids collected lollies, it was brilliant

2. Model's Own is at Priceline now! I checked them out but was underwhelmed so didn't buy anything.

3. Whilst we're on the topic of make-up, the latest Shanghai Suzy collection has been released. I'm disappointed that they've raised the price to $19.95. This collection is the moisturising formula and they're bringing back my favourite shade Lilac. I have it in the matte formula with the grape scent (which I really don't like), so can't wait to get it with the new formula and scent.

4. I've come to realise that the mistreatment of women is so ingrained that we don't even realise it. Take for example the way media speak about women. They'll show a photo of a female at the beach and say she's "flaunting her bikini body." No, she's at the beach in her bathers. Or when Kate Middleton went out in public for the first time after announcing her pregnancy they said she was "flaunting her baby bump." No, she was performing her royal duties. 

Every time I see a report like that in the media I'm going to comment on the article and object to the language they use about women. 

We have a voice, we just need to use it.

5. A few weeks ago I started using a charcoal toothpaste. It's amazing. My teeth look whiter and they feel so clean. Full review coming soon.

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