Monday, 27 November 2017

My favourite beauty books

I love a good beauty book. I've been collecting them since I was in my 20's. I remember buying Cindy Crawford's Basic Face book and studying it for hours. Even though it's now 26 years old, the information and looks are still relevant.

The next book I bought was Makeup The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris. Her work is amazing, the photography is beautiful and I love the way she breaks each look into simple steps. 

The book that totally changed my skin was The Skin Type Solution by Dr Leslie Baumann. I'd thought that I had oily skin, but it turns out my skin was dry. Once I started using the right products for my skin type my skin was transformed. If you're struggling with you skin I highly recommend this book. 

Amazing Face and the more recent Amazinger Face by Zoe Foster are brilliant books that cover everything from skin care to make-up. They're great for the novice to someone who's been into beauty for years. As Zoe is Australian it's full of information that is relevant to us, which is great.

No beauty book collection is complete without a book by Scott Barnes. The man is amazing. Amazing Face is full of beautiful looks that are easy to recreate at home. There are photos and explanations for each stage and looks for all ages and occasions. 

Pout Perfect was written by a gorgeous Aussie blogger Yishan Chan. It is a great guide for the makeup beginner and covers all areas of lip care, creating a lip wardrobe, lipstick application and so on. 

Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes is a wonderful guide to all things beauty. She talks about beauty treatments, beauty when you're ill, wig selection, finding your signature scent, choosing foundation and all manner of other beauty areas. She is based in the UK so this would be better suited for people living there.

The last of my favourite books is one that I recently got from the library and will be purchasing soon. Skin Deep by Bee Shapiro is all about the beauty routines of well known people. If you're a sticky beak like me and love peeking into people's makeup and skincare, this is the book for you. 

What are your favourite beauty books?

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