Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Interview with Kelly the founder of Lip Lip lip balms

Recently I wrote about a gorgeous new range of lip balms that I discovered on Instagram, today I have an interview with Kelly, the founder of Lip Lip lip balms.

I'm assuming you are a fellow lip balm addict?

Absolutely - I never really got into lipsticks (they always seemed a little too grown up for me) and lip balms are so much better for your lips than lipsticks as well! Plus they come in so many awesome flavours - how could you not be in love with lip balms!!

What started your love affair with lip balm?
I've been using lip balms for as long as I can remember (back when Strawberry Chapstick was about as fancy as you could get). Then when brands started introducing different sheens and nicer flavours it only increased my love!

Why did you decide to start your own range?
My children sort of got me into this one - my kids have eczema and react to EVERYTHING including lip balms, which upset my daughters who wanted to copy everything that I was doing including using lip balm.
So I started making my own completely free from harsh petrochemicals, harsh preservatives, synthetic colours etc and it all kind of snowballed from there and before I knew it Lip Lip was born. The name came about because that's what my kids would call lip balm - I think it must be easier to say Lip Lip rather than lip balm - my 2 year old walks around saying 'Lip Lip' all day long - it's really quite sweet - well for the first hour anyway!

How did you come up with the perfect formula? Did it take long?

Oh gosh it took forever! There was so many wrong batches and nearly there batches - too hard, too soft, too everything etc. My poor friends who are the guinea pigs of Lip Lip must have thought I was crazy!

We believe in keeping it pure, natural and simple so it's all about the way the ingredients work together and how they react with your lips. It was important for us that all the ingredients are not only organic or naturally derived but nourishing for your skin as well. We work together with our suppliers to ensure that we get only the highest quality, certified organic ingredients to use in our products.

What was the most difficult part of starting your range?

Finding the courage. It's really scary putting yourself out there to be judged. Especially when it's something that you truly believe in, that you feel can help people and that you've put your heart and soul into. Every time I send a Lip Lip package off I still get nervous!!

You work together with One Tree Planted - Tell us more about this?

Yes - we wanted to give something back to the world that our children will be growing up in. We chose to focus on reforestation - no small feat I can assure you! So we're really proud of the fact that for EVERY lip balm purchased we plant a tree! It's actually really cool letting people know how many trees they've planted with their purchase - I love it!

Where can we buy your beautiful products?

Our complete range is at

What's next for Lip Lip Lip Balms?
Shhh...Just between us we're about to launch a summer line featuring 4 gorgeous new summery flavours - I'm a bit excited about these ones as they're sooo delicious and the flavours completely sum up life at summer time. So make sure you keep a look out on Instagram and Facebook for the sneak peeks!

Anything new or exciting that you want to tell us about?

Keep a look out on our social media as we'll be running a few give-aways coming up to Christmas!! 

Thanks so much Kelly, I can't wait to try the summer balms :)

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