Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint

The beauty world comes up with some weird and wonderful things. One of the strangest things I've found recently is the new Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint. It's a gel that you apply to your brows, leave on for between 20 minutes to 2 hours and then peel off. It tints your brows for around three days. Interesting. 

I've used it twice now and the verdict is in. I think it's a good idea for people like me who are too scared to dye their brows. I'm now thinking about dying my brows because of the time saving aspect every morning. It's so nice to wake up with brows that are already done. 

Brows before tinting. You can see that the ends are quite pale.

Scary. The boys said I looked like Boss Baby, hahaha. I left it on for two hours and then peeled it off. It peels off easily and doesn't remove any brow hairs.

Immediately after tinting. I love that my brows look so dark and full.

Day one. You can't get your brows wet for 24 hours after tinting, which was a slight problems as I shower in the morning, but I managed to keep them dry.

Day two. You can see here that the colour is looking a little orange, which I didn't like, but it was easily covered with brow pencil.
Day three. Luckily the orange tinge is gone and the cool tone is back.

By day four the colour was all gone and my brows were back to normal. I used the light brown shade, I think the dark brown would have been way too dark for me. 

Whilst I'm not sure I'll buy this again, I'll use up the bottle that I have and then probably get my brows dyed. I love how easy it is to use and the time that it saves in the morning not having to do my brows.

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