Friday, 25 August 2017

FFS Friday - Why?

Do you ever wonder why we do things? Why we blindly follow a path just because it's "what you do"? I wonder that all the time. I've wondered for years. 

I also wonder how we know things are right. Just because everyone says something is right doesn't mean it is. For example. When I was seven my teacher told me my colouring in was messy because I didn't colour inside the lines. I wondered why we should colour inside the lines. I thought perhaps everyone was wrong and we were meant to colour outside the lines. How did I know she was correct? Just because it's always been that way doesn't mean it's right. So, I did a whole picture neatly coloured outside the lines, specially for my teacher. I gave it to her and she didn't say a word. Hah.

I regularly wonder if the rules we live by are correct. I struggle to believe that there can be a one size fits all rule. It makes no sense to me. Lately I've been thinking this about school. It's just not working for Chai. He doesn't fit the mould, he's struggling and it's turning him into an angry, upset little boy. So why do I send him? Because it's what you do. But that doesn't mean it's what I should do or what works for Chai. He's not ready for education. He has too many issues to be able to learn. He needs to get his sensory and physical issues sorted before he's ready to learn. If I take him out of school I'll be expected to homeschool him. Or what? What would happen if I took him out of school and let him be a free range child? I imagine nothing would happen. Sure I might get a few threatening letters and maybe even a visit but so what? My child would be happy and that's what's important. 

I can just imagine Chai when he's older wanting to know why I watched him suffer and did nothing to help him. It's my job to fight for him, even if that means that I fight against societal norms. 

As a child I didn't fit into the school system. It just didn't work for me, not because I had issues but because I was different to the other children and learned a lot quicker. Because of that I got bored. I wanted to be home schooled. I would have loved to be given my work for the year and left alone to do it. I reckon I could have finished the years worth of work in three months quite easily. I feel like the school system failed me. I didn't finish upper school and didn't go to uni because I didn't learn the way everyone else learned. 

I look at everyone blindly following the order of things and wonder what's wrong with me. Why can't I follow along and be happy with the way things are? But I can't. It just doesn't work for me because one size doesn't fit all and what's right for you may not be right for me.

As a society why do we blindly follow along with things that aren't right for us?

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