Friday, 18 August 2017

FFS Friday - Torture

I'm pretty sure Chai's school has a department who's job it is to come up with new and different ways to torture the parents. Dress up is one of their all time favourites. I hate dress ups, they suck.

Their latest one is a doozy. For Chai's assembly they had to dress up as a frog, echidna, kookaburra, wombat or snake. They gave us a little under two weeks notice and expected us to have costumes ready. WTF! We live in the country. There aren't many places to get costumes and with the amount of notice we had there wasn't enough time to order something as postage takes at least a week, usually longer.

It's not so bad when they have easy costumes, but the characters they chose were ridiculously difficult. I decided Chai would go as a frog so I could just dress him in green and make him a face mask. He was having none of that and decided he wanted to go as an echidna. FFS.

How the f*ck did he expect me to get him an echidna costume? I found one online for $40 plus $15 for fast postage. It was stupid. It was a dumb thing that wrapped around his waist, how they called it a costume I don't know cause it looked ridiculous.  There's no way I was going to pay $55 for a dumb thing to wrap around his waist.

Buying green clothes so he could be a frog was equally problematic. You'd think green clothes would be easy to find but they aren't. In the end I bought him a grey t-shirt (couldn't find a brown one), put pegs all over the back to make spikes, and made him a mask.

Some of the parents are so clever, there were a lot of simple but brilliant costumes. If I was arty and creative like some of the other parents dress ups would be easy, but I just have no clue. 

Poor Chai. He's destined to be the child in the store bought costume or the crappy home made mask.

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