Monday, 28 August 2017

A few of my favourite cleansers

After many, many years I'm finally getting a regime of skin care products that work for me and I'm happy to stick with. It's such a relief having products that I know work for me instead of constantly searching for something effective. Today I'm showcasing the cleansers I love. 

Palmers Facial Cleansing Oil
An oil based cleanser is the first step in my night time routine. I'm currently using Palmers, however I also use The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil and MooGoo Oil Cleansing Method.

I love the scent of the Palmer's cleanser, it smells like chocolate! One swipe  removes all my make-up, including eye make-up. Unlike some oil cleansers, this doesn't leave a greasy film, my skin is left feeling soft and clean. 

Oil Cleansers are great for people with sensitive, easily irritated skin because they are gentle and yet still able to cut through layers of make-up and skin care. Ones designed for dry skin can also act as a moisturiser as they leave the skin feeling hydrated. 

Grahams Natural Daily Facial Gel Cleanser
I use this every night as my second cleanser. It's a light, gel cleanser that removes all my make-up, including eye make-up, without any irritation. On nights that I'm in a hurry I'll use this alone, however normally I use it after I've removed my make-up with an oil cleanser. I like that it removes all trace of the oil cleanser and leaves my skin feeling soft and comfortable. The pump top is an added bonus. 

Having dry skin I usually stay away from gel and foaming cleansers, but this is not at all drying or irritating, it's as gentle as a cream cleanser. 

Trilogy Cream Cleanser
This is my morning cleanser. I love it because of the beautiful scent and how gentle it is on my skin. Whilst it works well to remove make-up, I use it in the morning as I like to start my day with the lovely, luxurious scent. I'm all about nice scents. 

I could easily use this as my only cleanser, however due to the price ($38.95 for 200ml), I try to make it last as long as possible. 

Two other favourites not pictured as I don't have them at the moment are the Audra James 3 in 1 Skin Cleansing Balm and Concordia Natural Skincare Purifying Cream Cleanser.

What are your favourite cleansers?

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