Sunday, 12 February 2017

Thoughts of the week

1. Chai's school has just started Crunch and Sip. It's where the kids get to eat fresh fruit or vegetables and drink water at a set time in class. Whilst I think it's a brilliant idea, it's sad that it need to be a thing. Chai's school meals are mainly fruit and vegetables, along with a sandwich, some cheese and a treat like fruit ropes or something similar. He only drinks water. 
Apparently a lot of children aren't sent to school with fruit, vegetables or water. What the hell do they eat if they aren't eating fruit and vegetables? What a sad state of affairs. 
Having said that I'm very, very fortunate that both my boys love fruit and vegetables, it'd be awful if they didn't. 

2. Sometimes people really disappoint me. The way they can be so cruel and callous towards others is upsetting. 

3. Tiger and I are finally starting to agree on our finances. For years I've been the saver and he's been the spender, now we're both agreeing that paying off debt and spending less is a good thing, yay!

4. This was Chai's first full week of school and his second week back. He's still struggling and doesn't want to be there. Frankly I don't want him to be there either, I want him at home. Most of my friends were glad to send their kids back to school, I wasn't. I'd love to have him home every day, we had a great time on the school holidays. 

5. So apparently putting a condom over a beauty blender to replicate the effect of a silisponge is a thing. If a make-up artist ever tried to use a condom on my face I'd run screaming. 

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