Friday, 24 February 2017

FFS Friday - Doona days

I've mentioned before that I'm downsizing my stash and decluttering. In previous years I always had back-ups of all my skin and hair care, but now I've got to the point where I don't have many back ups.

A few weeks ago I placed an order for shampoo and conditioner as mine were about to run out. I had enough to last me two weeks and my order usually arrives within a week so there was plenty of time.

A week came and went with no sign of my package. Two days after it should have arrived the tracking showed it was in Perth so I was expecting it on Monday. Saturday I ran out of shampoo.

Of course Saturday was also the day that I put a hair treatment in that I couldn't wash out, so I desperately needed to rewash my hair on Sunday, but I had no shampoo.

I wasn't particularly worried as I knew my package would be on my doorstep Monday morning. Or not.

Monday I checked and my package was in Busselton. WTF? That's half an hour south of me. 

I tweeted Australia Post to see if they could help but they didn't get back to me so I rang them. Turns out that they'd accidentally sent the package to Busselton and weren't sure when I'd get it. 

It finally turned up on Tuesday, a day off two weeks after it'd been posted. 

How ridiculous that I can get a package from overseas quicker than I can get it from the other side of Australia.

I had considered going and buying a travel sized shampoo to so that I could wash my hair but decided to be feral with dirty hair. That's the good thing about long hair, you just tie it up and no-one knows how filthy it is. Heh.

Getting Chai to school every day is a major drama. He starts from the minute he wakes up and doesn't stop all morning. When I leave him at school he's sobbing, it's awful.

Tuesday morning he started as soon as he woke up. "I don't want to go to school." "Can I stay home please." "I hate school."

Getting everyone ready was a huge drama. Chai wouldn't stop crying, Eljay was being a mischief, I had a headache, it was awful. 

I managed to get us all dressed and in to the car. 

As we were driving to school I realised I hadn't given the kids breakfast, brushed their hair or done their teeth. Mothering fail.

We got to Chai's classroom, saw a relief teacher there and Chai fell apart. He was really panicky and very upset.

I took one look at him, packed everything back into his bag and took him home again. 

Knew I shouldn't have bothered.      

We had a great day at home, Chai was so happy that he got to come home again. I've decided that every now and again, when everything is too difficult in the mornings we're just going to have the day off.

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