Friday, 16 September 2016

FFS Friday

Technology hates us at the moment. FFS.

Last week my phone died, Tigers phone died and my tablet died. FFS.

We backed up both our phones and did a factory reset to see if that'd fix the problems. It didn't. FFS.

My backup worked, Tigers didn't. FFS.

He lost all but 50 of his phone numbers. FFS.

We found an old sim card but they weren't on it. FFS.

I backed the numbers up to three separate places and not one of them worked. FFS.

Both the phones are under warranty so we swapped them over, but my tablet is five months out of warranty. FFS.

It wouldn't charge and wouldn't turn on. FFS.

I left it for a week, plugged it in to charge and it was fine. Not FFS.

FIL is still very ill in hospital. FFS.

MIL is not coping. FFS.

The Drs have told her that he won't be getting out of hospital. FFS.

You can imagine how well she took that. FFS.

The poor thing is trying to spend as much time at the hospital as she can, but she lives an hour away from the hospital so the parking and fuel is costing her a fortune. FFS.

It costs at least $20 each day to park at the hospital. FFS.

What a joke. FFS.

When someone is in hospital long term their immediate family should get free or very cheap parking. 

Having a family member in hospital is bad enough, the last thing she needs is the added financial burden. FFS.

Speaking of financial burdens, Tiger came home early because his Dad was sick, so he asked if he could go back to work early to make up for leaving early. They made it sound like he wouldn't be able to go back early, so we weren't prepared. We got 24 hours notice that he was going back early. FFS.

How considerate of them. FFS.

I'm starting to get really angry with his company. FFS.

First he gets a $25,000 pa pay cut, then they don't pass on my emergency message, then they give us 24 hours notice that he's returning to work. FFS.

Not happy! FFS.    

Ah well, at least he has a job.

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