Monday, 19 September 2016


I've been in a huge cull mode lately. I was inspired when Claire said that she tossed most of her make-up. I went through my collection and culled 62 products straight away. Then I started on my lipsticks and glosses, 60 of them went. After I'd put lots of products in the Use it or Lose it pile, I decided to subject my entire collection to the Use it or Lose it test. It'll take a while but I'm going to test everything and cull as much as I can.

After a few days of ruthlessness I'd culled 280 products. Yes, you read that right. How crazy. Why do I even have that many products to cull? It's ridiculous! 

Whilst I used to enjoy having a huge stash, I don't any more. Back in the days before children I had all my products easily accessible and used everything. Every few months I'd rotate products so it all got some love. These days my collection is packed away where the boys can't get to it and I only use a few products that are in my drawer. The rest of them sit there unused.

My aim is to have the drawer that I currently use and maybe 1 make-up bag of products. I don't need ten red lipsticks or a whole pile of pinky mauve glosses. I only wear one at a time so I only need one or two. 
First cull, 62 products gone
After the initial cull I went through and compared colours. I only need a few of each colour, so with any duplicates I picked the formula and brand that I loved the most. Easy.

Most of the culled products I've given away to friends and family, I'm sure some of them think it's christmas with all the things I've given them. Things that are really old have gone in the bin and some new products went to the womens refuge.

I've now got my skincare down to one tub. Last year it took up five tubs. My make-up has gone from three train cases to one. There's still a long way to go but I'm very pleased with my progress so far. 

Have you done a huge cull? How did it go?

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