Sunday, 17 July 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. I really want to go to the Lip Lab and make my own lipstick and lipgloss. Actually I'd make two lipsticks, one matte and one glossy. They'd be pinky mauve and caramel or butterscotch flavoured. Only problem is we never go to Sydney. Pity there wasn't a Lip Lab in Perth, I'd be up there in a flash.

2. Aldi opened here a few weeks ago, I'm amazed at how cheap it is! Has anyone tried their skincare or make-up? What's it like?

3. I think the whole superfood thing is a load of rubbish. So is the smoothie thing.

4. People confuse me. I don't understand why they are so judgemental. What I find really amusing/confusing is when they complain about someone doing something that they do all the time. It's okay for them but not for anyone else? How is that right?

5. I really like Keith Urbans song The Fighter

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