Friday, 15 July 2016

FFS Friday - Random

We're on holidays at the moment.

On the Gold Coast. 

Sephora opens today on the Gold Coast. I can't get there. FFS.

We leave tomorrow morning so I'll miss out. FFS.

I'm not going to Sydney or Melbourne any time soon so it'll be years before I get to see a Sephora. FFS.

Story of my life. FFS.

MIL is great at bringing us all sorts of random, useful/useless things. FFS.

The latest is the beer can binoculars. Yes, you read that right. Beer can binoculars. I kid you not. FFS.


Eljay decided he needed to take them with him to the park. FFS.

He was walking around the playground with them around his neck. FFS.

Took me a while to figure out why people were staring at him. FFS.

After about two minutes he decided he'd had enough of them so gave them to me. FFS.

I spent the rest of our three our park visit carrying a beer can around. FFS.

Pretty sure the looks the other parents were shooting me were looks of jealousy. FFS.

Or envy. Or perhaps disgust. Who knows. FFS.
Pity I wasn't clever enough to pretend to drink from it. Hehehe.

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