Friday, 8 July 2016

FFS Friday - The only way is up

I got Chai's school report a few weeks ago and once again it confirmed that he's not ready for school. FFS.

I really don't like our school system. FFS.

I can see why some people go off the grid. FFS.

And why people home school. FFS.

It's looking more and more tempting. FFS.

He doesn't like school and doesn't want to be there. FFS.

He likes the social side but that's it. FFS.

Another worrying thing is the grades. They give your child a grade and they also tell you how many children got each grade. Most of the children got C's. That tells me that most of them aren't ready to be at school either. So we are forcing these little people to do something that they're not ready to do. Way to mess them up. FFS.

I hate having to send him to school, especially when I know he really doesn't want to be there. FFS.

Funnily enough, I had a chat to him about school and asked if he'd like to stay home all the time and not go to school. He said no. Not FFS.

School holidays are here. I was really excited about them and had all sorts of things planned. I should know better. FFS.

The first day of school holidays both boys woke up at 4.32am and wouldn't go back to sleep. FFS.

As soon as they were awake they started fighting. FFS.

They were still going an hour later. FFS.

Thankfully the neighbours weren't home to hear them. Not FFS.

Once they stopped fighting they trashed the house. FFS.

That was all before 7am. FFS.

Great way to start the holidays. FFS.

For me the hardest part of parenting is controlling myself. FFS.    

Some days it takes all my willpower not to scream at them when that's all I want to do. FFS.

Being nice when I'm tired, grumpy and over it is the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. FFS.

The good part about Saturday was that I knew it could only get better from there and it did. Yay. 

Tuesday night in an effort to be healthy, I made sweet potato chips for dinner. They took ages. FFS.

After cooking them for an hour and a half I gave up and put them in the fry pan. I burnt them. FFS.

I salvaged the non burnt ones and gave them to the boys. FFS.

Chai had one bite and asked for "better ones". I gave him better ones, he had one bite and put the chip down again. FFS.

Fifteen minutes later when he hadn't touched them I asked if he liked them. He looked at me sympathetically and said "No Mummy". Then he put his hand on my knee and kindly said "Thank you for making tea Mummy. You did a good job but it's just not nice. I'm sorry Mummy". Hahahaha. It was so funny. Then he asked for a promite and cheese sandwich, haha.    

Happy Friday everyone!   

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