Friday, 22 July 2016

FFS Friday - Holiday blues

As I mentioned previously, last week we went on a family holiday to the Gold Coast. It was exhausting. FFS.

It was so exhausting that I needed a holiday to get over our holiday. FFS.

Tiger's family were all there. His brother and parents. FFS.

The BIL was great, if it'd just been him and us it would have been an amazing holiday. Add the PILs to the mix and it's a recipe for disaster. FFS.

BIL and MIL clash. MIL really gets on BILs nerves and he can't keep quiet about it so they're constantly arguing. I usually agree with everything that BIL says so find the exchanges quite amusing. Not FFS.

MIL is such a stressed person and it's made worse by being away. FFS.

Within a few minutes of being in her presence we'd all be feeling stressed and wound up. FFS.

Tiger takes forever to do anything as does MIL so when they are together a lot of time gets wasted. We wasted two whole days doing nothing. FFS.

The first day we headed out to get breakfast and got back to the unit at 4pm. FFS.

Most of that time I spent waiting around with BIL, FIL and the kids. FFS.

Both MIL and Tiger took turns keeping us waiting. FFS.

First MIL decided to go to the chemist. It was less than 50 meters from where we were. She came back an hour and a half later. FFS.

She tried to get us to believe that she'd spent that whole time looking for a toilet. Yep. FFS.

Then Tiger decided he needed to go to the toilet. Off he went, leaving his man bag and phone with me. He came back an hour later. FFS.

That's how the days with them went. FFS.

We'd take a few steps then someone would need to go to the toilet so we'd all stand around waiting. They'd get back then someone would be hungry, etc, etc. FFS.

I am not a patient person. FFS.

After we'd wasted two whole days waiting around we were only left with two and a half days. FFS.

As you can imagine, those days were crazily busy as we tried to fit in all the things that we wanted to do. FFS.

MIL as usual was worried about everything and constantly on high alert. FFS.

It got to the stage where every time she opened her mouth I felt like telling her to shut up. FFS.

Never again. FFS.

To add to the fun, Chai's anxiety/clinginess has got worse the last few weeks. FFS.

He was doing so well then he started getting clingy again. FFS.

Whilst we were away it was a lot worse. FFS.

He'd panic if he didn't know where Tiger and I were. FFS.

I feel so sad for him when he's like that. FFS.

I think that MIL's constant anxiety made Chai's anxiety worse, it's like everyone was feeding off her so feeling stressed and wound up. FFS.

It'd be great if she would get medication so that she can feel/be normal but FIL won't allow it. FFS.


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