Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Boots Serum 7 Lift Range

About six months ago I received the Boots Serum 7 Lift range to trial. I've finished everything now so it's review time

Overall I really enjoyed the range. Whilst I didn't notice any changes in my skin condition, my skin didn't deteriorate and everything was lovely to use. I especially enjoyed the serum and night cream, they were both really nice. 

The serum has a siliconey feel that I love, it smooths out my skin and makes it look flawless.

The day cream surprisingly is thicker than the night cream. Despite that, it absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel lovely. It's quite similar to the Estee Lauder Daywear moisturiser, so if you're a fan of Daywear give Serum 7 Lift day cream a go and save yourself a pile of money!

I always expect my night creams to be rich and slightly oily. Serum 7 Lift night cream is rich without being oily, which means it absorbs quickly and leaves me with hydrated, soft skin.

The Boots Serum 7 Lift range is very reasonably priced, the day cream and night cream cost $36.00, serum costs $38.00 and eye cream costs $28.00.

I've already repurchased the serum and night cream, once I've got through my pile of day creams I'll probably repurchase the day cream too.

Have you tried any Boots skincare? What did you think of it? If you've reviewed it, please post the link for me, I'd love to read about the other ranges.  

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