Monday, 30 May 2016

Lancome Juicy Shakers - Gimmick or must have?

The first high end lip gloss I bought was a Lancome Juicy Tube. It was the start of my love affair with high end make-up. That was back in the 90's when they first came out. Over the years I've gone through at least twenty Juicy Tubes, if not more and they're still one of my favourite glosses.

I've been very impatiently awaiting the release of the Juicy Shakers, which Lancome say are like Juicy Tubes. They aren't. They're nothing alike but they are still really cool.
When Juicy Shakers were finally released in Australia I jumped on to the Lancome website and ordered two, Piece of Cake and Melli Melon. Somehow when I was placing my order Melli Melon changed to Wonder Melon, but it's a gorgeous colour so that didn't matter. 

This was my first time ordering from Lancome online and it was a great experience. They have free shipping for all orders, my package was shipped the same day and I received a tracking number when it was posted. I emailed them about swapping Wonder Melon, they got back to me within a few hours and told me how to swap it (the returns process is really easy) if I didn't like Wonder Melon.
Wonder Melon

Juicy Shakers are lip oils, I knew they were becoming a thing, yay! 
Lancome says:
The bi-phase lip oil formula combines the comfort of nourishing oils with the revitalising power of colour pigments.
Instantly the lightweight oil melts into the lips leaving them soft, radiant
and comforted.
The first lip cushion applicator with a surprising and addictive pillow-soft feel.

Piece of Cake

All the Juicy Shakers have different flavours, unsurprisingly Wonder Melon tastes like watermelon and Piece of Cake tastes like cake. Due to being an oil, Juicy Shakers apply sheerly. At first the finish is shiny, but that quickly fades (within about ten minutes) and I'm left with a very light stain. These aren't very hydrating because they wear off so quickly. Before they wear off my lips feel hydrated but that feeling is gone within fifteen minutes.

In all honesty, these are a bit of a gimmick, but I still love them, if only for the novelty factor. Both shades end up looking the same on me after about ten minutes. If you want something that is cute to look at and you love flavoured products then Juicy Shakers are worth a try, if you don't like flavoured products then I'd probably give these a miss. 
Wonder Melon looks coral in the bottle but comes out a sheer, bright pink. Both of the colours I got are quite sheer which I think is due to them being a bi-phase oil.

Top swatch is Wonder Melon, bottom swatch is Piece of Cake

Wonder Melon immediately after application

Wonder Melon ten minutes after application

Piece of Cake immediately after application

Piece of Cake ten minutes after application
Have you tried Juicy Shakers? What did you think of them?

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