Friday, 27 May 2016

FFS Friday - Sofa King Angry

I'm so angry with Chai's school teacher. FFS.

Last week he didn't want to go to school on Thursday. He said that his stomach was sore then also said his stomach wasn't sore he just didn't want to go to school. I didn't know if he was sick or not and he seemed okay, so we took him to school. Most mornings he tells me that he can't go to school cause his stomach is sore, so I thought it was just the usual excuse.

I spoke to his teacher and told her that I wasn't sure if he was unwell because he said he was feeling sick. She said that she'd keep an eye on him and let me know if he wasn't well. I told her that if Chai was ill I'd come and pick him up straight away. 

That afternoon when Tiger picked Chai up he had a fever and did not look well. FFS.

His temperature was 39 degrees. FFS.

I wasn't sure if he'd been sick all day or just got worse in the afternoon, but I wasn't happy with his teacher. I gave her the benefit of the doubt until I unpacked his lunch and saw he hadn't eaten anything all day. FFS.

He'd eaten nothing at morning tea and nothing at lunch. FFS.

So he obviously had been sick all day and she didn't call me. FFS.

He had Friday and Monday off school. He probably could have gone to school Monday but now that I know they won't call me if he's sick I wasn't willing to risk it. FFS.

Tuesday when I took Chai to school I spoke to the teacher and said he hadn't eaten all day and he had a fever when we'd picked him up. Her response was "Oh really. I wasn't on duty that day so I wouldn't have noticed." FFS.

I told her again that he'd had a fever to which she said "Oh that's no good." FFS.

After that response I was really, really angry. And then to make it worse she went on to say "Can you please remind him that he needs to eat because we don't have the time to monitor that." Seriously WTF! FFS.

I spoke to a friend who's a teacher and she said that when they're on lunch duty it is their job to make sure that the kids eat their lunch! FFS.

After I specifically asked her to keep an eye on him she clearly didn't bother. FFS.

Isn't that her job? He obviously got worse during the day, my guess is that by lunch time he must have been looking and feeling terrible and yet she didn't tell me. FFS.

So he was at school all day, infecting the other children and feeling awful. FFS.

Due to that he'll now be missing more school because every time I'm not sure if he's well I'll have to keep him home from school. FFS.

Even worse, there's a boy in Chai's class who has an illness and can't afford to get sick. When he gets sick he ends up in hospital. He and Chai get along well and often play together, so I'm really, really hoping that Chai didn't make him sick. FFS.

I'm sofa king angry. I'm going to speak to the headmaster about it once I've calmed down. FFS.

I struggle enough with Chai being in full time schooling without also having to worry about them not looking after him properly. FFS.

This just gives me further proof that taking my babies and running away is the right thing to do.

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