Sunday, 24 April 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. What a crazy few weeks we've had. School holidays, friends staying, gastro (the boys and I), looking after kids whilst a friend had a meltdown and now the PILs here this weekend. Crazy. But it's been fun (mostly, gastro was not fun).

2. I'm finally back on the FitBit bandwagon. I got rid of my Charge HR because the battery only lasted a day. I returned it six times in six months and after the sixth time gave up. I've now got the Alta and so far I'm loving it.

3. Winter has arrived with a vengeance. We've had beautiful cold, wet weather lately, it's been wonderful. I've had the slow cooker going 24/7 making lovely warming soups, it's been glorious. 

4. It'd be even more glorious if I could eat the lovely soups I've been making. My stomach has yet to return to normal after my bout of gastro so I'm temporarily back on my bland Crohn's diet.  

5. I've had a distinct shift in mood recently. It arrived with the cold weather. Gone are the negative, gloomy thoughts, I'm back to my happy, optimistic self. I love winter. 

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