Monday, 11 April 2016

Lip Balm Challenge Update

Just over half way through the Lip Balm Challenge and I've finished four lip balms. (I forgot to keep one of them which is why there are only three in the photo below.)

I'll need to pick up my game if I hope to finish six balms in the next five months. It'll be difficult but not impossible. Originally I'd planned to use up certain balms (shown in the top picture), but that quickly went out the window and now I'm aiming to finish any ten balms.
I haven't managed to finish any potted balms, I'd love to but I just don't use them much, they're too bulky to carry around so I only use them when I'm at home and happen to have one within reach. I will try to finish at least one balm pot before the end of this year. I've also been working on finishing an EOS balm. That is proving difficult because I have to hide it from Eljay. He loves lip balms, especially the ball ones, so whenever he sees it he wants it and then has a tantrum when I won't give it to him.

For those of you participating in the Lip Balm Challenge, how are you doing?

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