Friday, 15 April 2016

FFS Friday - Sugar sugar

I seem to be going through a phase where life is a challenge and I wonder wtf I've done wrong. FFS.

The school holidays started this week and I was so excited to have both boys home. By 6am Saturday morning (the first day of holidays) I was wondering wtf I had kids and why I'd been looking forward to the holidays. FFS.

Saturday was one big nightmare. FFS.

The day started at 5am when Eljay woke screaming because he wanted to watch Cars. FFS.

He woke up Chai. FFS.

They started fighting straight away. FFS.

It was still dark outside. FFS.

They fought about what blanket they had, they fought about Eljay being too close to Chai, they fought because Chai looked at Eljay etc. FFS.

I was still trying to wake up. FFS.

At 6am they started nagging me to take them to the park. FFS.

I explained that we would go to the park but we had to wait a little while. They were not impressed. FFS.

After about five tantrums from Eljay and Chai asking me every five minutes if it was time to go to the park, we got to the park. Not FFS.

We'd been there fifteen minutes and they decided they wanted to go home. FFS.

Eljay had a tantrum because Chai was following him. FFS.

Chai went in front of Eljay who then threw another tantrum because Chai was beating him. FFS.

Halfway home Chai decided he didn't want to go home. Too bad son. FFS.

I had a Dr's appointment so I loaded them in to the car and off we went. When we got there Eljay threw a tantrum because Chai pressed the lift button. FFS.

We made it in to the Dr, halfway through the visit Eljay chucked a tantrum and neither I nor the Dr could work out why. FFS.

He continued his tantrum as I was paying, the car ride to the chemist, the whole time we were at the chemist, the entire time we were at the supermarket and the whole trip home. FFS.

Naturally I had to wait twenty minutes for my prescription at the chemist. FFS.

Despite my reservations, we stopped at the park on the way home. 

Unsurprisingly, after twenty minutes there they decided they wanted to go home for lunch. FFS.

When we got in the car Chai started crying because he didn't want to go home and because he was hungry and didn't want to wait until we got home for food. FFS.

The afternoon was all crying, fighting and throwing tantrums. FFS.

My usual tricks didn't work. Cuddling, tickling, rough play, reading books, dancing etc. None of it worked. FFS.

Dad came over at 4pm. Chai spent twenty minutes yelling and crying because I wouldn't let him eat in the theatre room. FFS.

I finally got them fed, bathed and ready for bed. Eljay wanted to go to sleep and I was trying to keep him up for another half hour because I didn't want him waking up before 5am. I was doing okay until Chai decided to hit him and that was it. FFS.

 I settled Chai in front of the tv and went to put Eljay to sleep. 

Chai decided he needed one of his toys. When he couldn't find it he started crying then came into the bedroom and sat there crying for 45 minutes whilst I tried to calm him down and get Eljay to sleep. FFS.

You can imagine how well that went. FFS.

I couldn't get Eljay to sleep. FFS.

By that time I was so exhausted, angry and totally over it. FFS.

I dumped both kids in front of the tv and sat down for a few minutes to calm myself down. FFS.

Chai came over crying because no-one was cuddling him. FFS.

I had nothing left. FFS.

I told him he had to leave me alone for a little while. He did. Thankfully.

Tiger Skyped them and told them that they needed to behave themselves. 

I finally got them both to sleep. Thank fuck for that.

I really wonder what I'm doing wrong that they behave like this. It never happens when Tiger is home. Never. FFS.

Sunday I figured out what the problem was. FFS.

The boys have very little sugar. They rarely eat lollies or chocolate, don't eat jam, hardly ever have juice etc. On Friday I'd bought four boxes of the reduced sugar kids fruit bars. Sunday they were all gone. Four boxes! That's 24 bars! I'd only opened 2 each for them on Saturday but they are all gone. They either stashed them somewhere or they ate them all. I'm going with the latter. It'd explain their behaviour. Sugar high. FML.
  Just to top things off both my ears are infected. One has pus behind the ear drum and the other is red and inflamed. Great. FFS.

Thankfully the rest of the week has been pretty good.

Now it's your turn. Tell me how great or awful your week has been.

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