Sunday, 13 December 2015

Thoughts of the week

1. I'm determined to post thoughts every week. If I post all the random things I think of it'd be easy, but also very boring. It'd go along the lines of: I love being a full time mum. I wish I could get a job. If I have to play ninja turtles one more time I think I might explode. Walking to the park is so much fun, it's great being surrounded by trees. Hope we don't see a snake. Etc. Boring. Instead, I'll endeavour to find interesting things to say so that it appears I have a varied, exciting life (I don't).

2. I've been trying to figure out what career I want when the boys are older. I've thought of a few things but nothing really resonated with me until last weekend when I angrily announced to Tiger that I was going to study to be a psychologist because everyone tells me their secrets and wants me to solve their problems. I've always been interested in psychology but I'm not sure that I could cope with listening to peoples problems all day. 


4. We had a breakthrough with Chai's psychologist this week. She thinks that Chai's issues are because he can't regulate his emotions. Makes sense. He's a very high energy person like Tiger. So we need to teach both of them to calm down. I'm hoping that won't been too difficult, I plan on teaching them both meditation and doing yoga with them. 


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