Wednesday, 2 December 2015

November empties

Oh look at me, I got my November empties post up just after November ended instead of halfway through the month, yay! I'm really pleased with my efforts this month, not because I finished lots of products but because I finished two perfumes!
Clarins Double Serum - This was a single use sachet which is really pointless because it's nearly impossible to form an opinion on a product after one use, unless it's really, really bad.

The little pot was a sample of the MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof foundation. I loved it so much that after one use I went and bought the full sized. It's awesome. Finding a matte foundation suitable for dry skin is difficult, but Pro Longwear is perfection. I shall never be without it again. 

Giorgio Armani Si perfume - I loved this perfume, it's such a beautiful scent. Hubby bought it for me about a year ago and it's been my most worn perfume ever since. I'll really miss it, but I refuse to buy any more perfume until I have significantly reduced my perfume stash. 

The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus perfume - These are the perfect handbag friendly sized perfumes. Whilst I love Fijian Water Lotus I won't buy it again as the scent just doesn't work for me, it sinks straight in and I can't smell it once it's dried. 

Biyani Organics oil cleanser - Oil cleansers are my favourite way to remove my make-up, they do such a great job, are easy to use and don't dry out my skin. Out of all the oil cleansers I've tried this is one of my favourites. It's light, easy to remove, doesn't irritate my eyes, easily removes all my makeup (including eye makeup) and doesn't leave a film on my skin. 

L'oreal and Sunsilk conditioners - Neither of these are empty, but I always finish shampoo first and have a whole pile of conditioners laying around, so I tossed them. 

Dove Go Fresh deodorant - It works. Nothing much else to say.

The Body Shop Strawberry body butter - Love, love, love. Hubby got me this for Valentine's day.

Snappy Jaws toothpaste - A great natural toothpaste for kids. I'm pretty sure Eljay ate most of this one.

Colgate Sensitive Relief toothpaste - I don't have sensitive teeth but this was the only travel sized toothpaste I had so it came to Bali with us.

Priceline cotton pads - My favourite cotton pads, they're effective and cheap. 
Innoxa Triple Action Gel Wash - Despite the strange little balls throughout the product, I quite liked this cleanser. I suspect the balls are supposed to exfoliate, but they don't, there aren't enough of them.

Deep Steep Sugar Scrub - This is way, way too oily. It left a film all over my skin and made the shower floor dangerously slippery, I won't buy it again. 
Milky Foot X - After the success of my first Milky Foot peel, I was keen to get my feet in good condition before summer starts. I picked up the Active X formula as it was on sale. Big mistake. Do not buy this one, it's terrible. Instead of the skin falling off my feet, it just dried out. I look like I got a bad sunburn and my feet are peeling. Two weeks later my feet are still all dry, flaky skin, it's awful. Never again. 

Coconut Revolution Coconut Hand Wash - If you're a fan of beautifully scented, non drying hand washes, this one is worth a try. The Pacific Morning scent is lovely. 

These three are all tosses. The two lip balms are both so soft that they're unusable. Even if I melted them down and put them into a pot I think they'd still be too soft.
I'm really sad about the Bite Beauty duo as I love them. Both lipsticks snapped off at the base and they're too small for me to be able to repair them. 
I had another quick declutter of my make-up on the weekend, these are all the products that went into the bin. It's such a great feeling. I've now got my collection down to one train case (not including lip products), it used to take up three. I also have some products in a drawer in the bathroom. 
Next up I'm going to tackle my lip products, they'd probably fill a 20 litre tub. I've got them scattered all over the place so I'm going to get everything together, sort them into colour families and be as brutal as I can. Wish me luck.

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