Friday, 25 December 2015

For Festive Sake Friday

As we all know, the shops are crazy this time of year. FFS.

I decided that this week I'd avoid the shops to miss the craziness. It didn't happen. FFS.

I went to the farmers market at 8am last Friday morning, hoping to miss the rush. They were really, really busy. FFS.

Next I tried to do my supermarket shopping online as I had an email code giving me free delivery and $20 off. I ordered everything I wanted (which took ages as the kids were "helping"), added the code and it didn't work. FFS.

I had to go to the shops with the kids. FFS.

They were in fine form. FFS.

I'm sure the whole supermarket heard them yelling and screaming. FFS.

Naturally, because they were on their best behaviour I saw three kindy mums there. FFS.

I got home and realised I'd forgotten eggs. FFS.

That meant I had to go to the shops with the kids again. FFS.  

That trip was just as bad, but I figured at least it was my last trip for a while. Wrong! FFS.

I got home and that night when I fed Bella I realised she was nearly out of food. FFS.  

Another trip to the shops. FFS.

Chai does not understand the concept of school holidays. FFS.

He's very excited about being a Pre Primary boy now and keeps on asking when he's going to Pre Primary. FFS.

I've told him that he's on holidays for six weeks but he just doesn't get it. FFS.

Now that he's finally happy about going to school I'm hoping the enthusiasm will last and he'll be happy to go next year. 

Typical that he only decided he loved Kindy in the last two weeks of his final term. FFS.

Oh well, at least he got there. Not FFS.

I'm not sure that I'm going to survive the school holidays. FFS.

I love having Chai home, but he and Eljay have been fighting non stop and it's driving me crazy. FFS.

Nothing I do helps. FFS.

Sunday was the perfect example. They were whinging and complaining from the second they woke up so I decided to take them to the play centre. They were really excited about going there but the second we walked in the door Eljay threw a tantrum. I have no idea why. We walked in, sat down at a table and I asked him if he wanted to take his thongs off. That kicked the tantrum off. FFS.

He spent the next ten minutes screaming whilst I tried to figure out what was wrong. FFS.

Thankfully my Dad, brother and nephews showed up a little while later. Turns out that half an hour of Poppy cuddles was what he needed to cheer him up. Not FFS.

Later that afternoon the boys wanted something to do so I got out the water balloons for them. You'd think that'd be a great idea wouldn't you? You'd be wrong. FFS.

Eljay likes to carry his balloons around and not use them, Chai likes to pop his. You can see where this is going can't you? Chai popped his on Eljay so Eljay started crying. Whilst I was trying to calm him down Chai popped his last balloon and tried to pinch one of Eljays. Eljay refused and that kicked off another round of screaming from both of them. And so it continued. By some miracle we all survived until the end of the day. FFS. 

I asked my Dr how I go about getting admitted to a mental hospital. FFS.

He thought I was joking. FFS.

I wasn't. FFS.

Lately I've been wondering where I've gone wrong with the boys. I try my best to be a good parent. I'm kind and loving (most of the time), I set boundaries and limits and do the best I can. Obviously I have bad days and am by no means perfect, but overall I think I do okay. The last week has me really wondering wtf I've done wrong. The boys have been a nightmare and nothing I do helps. I've been giving them a lot of love and attention, I've been keeping them entertained (we go to the park twice a day), feeding them healthy meals and doing the best I can but it's just not helping. I feel like giving up. FFS.

The Sephora Saga continues. Tuesday I got an email from Toll wanting to know if they could pick up the eye shadow on Thursday. FFS.

I'm so over the whole effing drama. I emailed back and said that I'll leave it in the letterbox and asked if they'll take it this time as I don't have the paperwork they said that I needed. They got back to me and said that there's another form I'll need to fill out which they'll bring with them when they come to pick up the package and that I need to be home. I'm very tempted to tell them to take a flying jump. FFS.

The BIL and SIL kindly sent christmas presents over for the boys. Not FFS.

They asked what the boys would like so I told them that Chai likes Star Wars and Eljay likes Cheeky Monkey. I sent them a link to the Cheeky Monkey products so they'd know where to find it. They don't have kids so understandably don't really know what kids like. 

The Cheeky Monkey book and toy arrived first, they'd ordered it from Malaysia so it was a very bad knock off and nothing like the one that Eljay likes. The reason he loves Cheeky Monkey is that the books are really detailed, they have a lot of things to look at on each page, he spends hours reading them and looking at all the different animals. The book they sent over is plain and sparse, so he's not interested in it. FFS.

The Star Wars products arrived next. They got them two paper Star Wars figures that need to be assembled. It's not even cardboard, it's normal paper. The instructions are six pages long. I predict that after I spend three hours assembling them, they'll last about two seconds before the boys destroy them. FFS.

Oh well, it's the thought that counts isn't it.

Happy Christmas everyone!    

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