Friday, 11 December 2015

FFS Friday

We had the PILs here this week. FFS.

MIL told me that you can get melanoma from kicking your toe. I really hope that's not true. FFS.

She also told me that if a dog gets cold it'll get arthritis. FFS.

The sad thing is that she truly believes the crap she comes out with and even if you show her proof that she's wrong she won't believe it. FFS.

Her favourite line is "That's what my Dad told me and I believe him". FFS.


Tuesday afternoon Eljay was hungry and Tiger was going to give him some nuts. We've suspected for a while that he might have a nut allergy but we haven't been sure as both times he's had a reaction he's been eating other foods as well. FFS.

I told Tiger not to give Eljay nuts but he misunderstood and gave him some. FFS.

A little while later Tiger was out with the boys and called to ask if we have antihistamines at home because Eljay appeared to be having an allergic reaction to the nuts. FFS.

He'd been rubbing his eyes so they were really puffy and red. FFS.

Instead of coming straight home Tiger finished what he was doing then came home. FFS.

My poor baby's eyes were so sore and puffy when he got home. FFS.

Thankfully his tongue was normal and he wasn't having any other reactions. Not FFS.

I gave him some antihistamines and a feed and within fifteen minutes he was starting to feel better. He ate some dinner, had a play and went to bed. By the time he went to bed his eyes had gone down a lot but were still puffy, so we used the breathing monitor/alarm and I slept in his room just for peace of mind.  

The next morning his eyes were still red so we took him to the Dr and had a blood test to see if/what he's allergic to. We won't get the results for at least a week. FFS.  

I've been on a decluttering mission lately. I've decluttered most of my makeup other than my lip products. I have a really hard time letting go of lip products. FFS.

It's crazy because I have way more than I need or will use, I know that but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them. FFS.

I think the trick is to go through everything at least three times and cull more each time. I've had my first cull, so over the next few weeks I'll cull at least two more times. I'd like to have no more than 50 lipsticks and 50 glosses. Even that is excessive, but if I start there and don't replace things as I finish them, eventually I'll get to a more reasonable level. Not FFS.

Being an introvert when you're a mother really sucks. FFS.

More and more I'm finding that I just don't get the time I need to rejuvenate my soul. I crave solitude, I need it, but it's just not happening. FFS.

By the time I get the kids to bed, tidy up and talk to Tiger there's no time left for me. There must be a solution, I just haven't found it yet. FFS.

Meanwhile I'm going quietly crazy. Thankfully no-one can hear my thoughts. Motherhood is supposed to be fun, no-one tells you that a lot of the time it's tortuous drudgery. FFS.

Thankfully that drudgery is interspersed with moments of total joy and they outweigh the bad parts. Not FFS.

Thanks to Pamela and Brian Mullins we get scammers calling us all the time. FFS.

At least once a month I get the "your computer is sending out viruses" call. FFS.

Often I'll string them along for fun, other times I tell them to get stuffed. Occasionally I just point out the error of what they're saying. Like last night.

I answered the phone and had the following conversation:
Scammer: Hello, is that Mrs Mullins?
Me: No.
S: Mrs Pamela Mullins?
M: No, you have the wrong number. 
S: Oh. Okay. I'm calling from Microsoft Windows. Our records show a computer registered to your name and address is sending out viruses.
M: How is that possible when you don't even know my name?
S: Sorry?
M: You got my name wrong, I'm not Mrs Mullins, so how do you know my computer is sending out viruses?
S: It's registered to your name and address.
M: But you don't know my name or address, you got it wrong!
Then she hung up.
Stupid scammers.         

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