Friday, 4 December 2015

FFS Friday

A few weeks ago I placed my first order with Sephora Australia. Big mistake. FFS.

My order arrived quickly, I ordered on Saturday and received it on Thursday. Not FFS.

I opened it and noticed they sent me the wrong item so I emailed them. FFS.

I sent my email at 9am Thursday morning. They got back to me late the next day and asked for a photo of the wrong item and said that they'd then investigate. FFS.

WTF do they need a photo and what is there to investigate? I ordered a lip balm and received an eyeshadow, it's pretty simple. FFS.

My order history and confirmation email clearly show I didn't order an eyeshadow. FFS.

Three days later I still hadn't heard from them so I emailed again. No reply. FFS.

I decided I'd call them, but they just have a recorded message saying to contact them via their website. FFS.

I tweeted them and they asked for my order number, then didn't respond. FFS.

Eventually they said that they'd be getting back to me shortly. Which they did. Not FFS.

They sent me a copy of the email I'd sent to them. Helpful. FFS.

After I responded to that email (and sent a few more tweets) they finally replied to me. Not FFS.

Now to wait and see if I actually get the product that I paid for. FFS.  

Very poor form Sephora. FFS.

For a huge organisation you'd think they could do better than that. FFS. 

I won't waste my time ordering from them again. FFS.

My friend Claire is considering starting a website selling USA stuff to Aussies (and other countries) starting with Sephora. Let's all talk her into it!

This week we had our first appointment with a psych to help with Chai's anxiety. She was hoping that it'd only take one session (I knew it wouldn't), but  quickly realised it's going to take a lot more work. My poor baby, I hate seeing him so upset. Just the mention of Tiger and I leaving the room sent him into a panic.

The mother side of me wonders what I did wrong to cause my baby to be so anxious, the rational side of me says that it's nothing I did, it's just one of those things

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  1. I've heard a lot of people are not very happy with sephora, I personally haven't purchased from them since they launched in Australia, and I doubt I will.

    All the best with your son.


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