Friday, 18 December 2015

FFS Friday - Sephora Saga

The Sephora saga continues. FFS.

Their customer service is disgusting. FFS.

I'm still trying to return the eye shadow that they sent me incorrectly. FFS.

It's such a fucking nightmare. FFS.

After many emails back and forward trying to arrange a suitable time for the eye shadow to be picked up, Toll arrived on Tuesday. Not FFS.

They'd emailed me a form to fill out, but it wasn't the right one. FFS. 
As I didn't have the correct paperwork they couldn't take the eye shadow. FFS.

Now they want me to go into the office to fill in the appropriate paperwork so that the eye shadow can be returned. FFS.

When I asked if they have the required information to fill in the paperwork, I was told they aren't sure. FFS. 

Apparently I need a copy of the original invoice, a delivery address, company number and all sorts of other things. FFS.

How am I supposed to get all that info? I have no idea why they need the original invoice because the product I'm returning isn't listed on there. FFS. 

What a fucking joke. Sephora sent me the wrong product and they expect me to jump through hoops to return it to them! FFS.

All for an $18 eye shadow. FFS.

They can get stuffed, I'm done. FFS.

I'm not going to waste any more time trying to get their eye shadow back to them. FFS.

I'm definitely not going in to the office. Tiger is at work so I'd have to take both the boys with me and no doubt I'd be there for ages trying to sort things out. Not going to happen. FFS.

You'd think they'd just send me a return envelope or give me an address, but that'd be too easy wouldn't it. FFS.

If they cared about their brand reputation they would have told me to keep the eye shadow, but no, they want it back. FFS.

Stupid thing is it's not even a colour I'd wear, so it'll probably go in the bin. 

At least I'm not the only one complaining, blogs and forums are full of complaints about their crappy customer service. 

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