Sunday, 1 November 2015

Thoughts of the week

1. We're off on holidays tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting away and hopefully relaxing a little bit. 

2. The FIL is looking after our house. I can only imagine what sort of mess it's going to be in when we get home, I expect it'll take me a week to clean up.

3. Tiger has finally agreed to consider home schooling Chai next year. He's always been against it because of the time and effort that it'll take but he's finally realised that school just isn't working for Chai. I know that if we do home school it'll be a huge commitment, but I just want what's best for my precious little one.  

4. I haven't been to the gym once this week. When Tiger is home we are going to work on getting Eljay happy at the creche so that I can work out again. I want to be strong and fit!

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