Saturday, 21 November 2015

Saturday Skincare - Matrixyderm AM/PM Moisturiser

A few years ago I had as much time as I wanted to spend on my skin care routine. Now, I spend a few minutes each day doing the essentials as quickly as possible. Because of that I love products that are multi purpose or AM/PM (saves space on my bathroom cabinet). 

Matrixyderm says: Produced under highly controlled conditions - every jar of Matrixyderm contains pharmaceutical grade, highly refined, Matrixyl. Proven to increase collagen production. In addition, every jar of Matrixyderm is infused with Active Manuka Honey, Collagen and Vitamin E - allowing your skin to improve on a cellular level - reducing the appearance of fine lines, improving visible firmness, and providing you with beautiful younger looking skin - guaranteed. Clinically proven to reduce your wrinkles and smooth your skin in just 60 days.

Big claims. I used Matrixyderm for 60 days (longer in fact, I've finished my jar now) and can now report on my results. 

Overall, this is a lovely moisturiser. It's ideal for people with dry skin, it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any greasy residue. I used it alone, with no serum or hydrating spray and it provided enough hydration that my skin didn't feel tight and uncomfortable after a few hours. 

Whilst I didn't notice a huge difference to my wrinkles, I did notice that my skin looked plumper, felt softer and I looked healthier, like I'd had a great night's sleep (which I rarely do).

Interestingly, the results were more than cosmetic, my skin still looks great since I've stopped using Matrixyderm. It's been three weeks now with no regression in my skin condition.

At $49.95 a tub it's not cheap, but for a product that acts as a day and night cream I think it's good value. If you want to buy more than one jar at a time you'll save money, but two jars and you get one free, buy three and get three free. A 50ml pot lasted me three months with twice daily use.  

If you aren't sure if Matrixyderm is for you they have a great offer on their website. Try Matrixyderm and if it doesn't work for you they'll give you double your money back.  


*Note - This product was provided for review.

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