Friday, 20 November 2015

FFS Friday - Stompy

It's Friday again! I thought it was Friday yesterday, so this is my second Friday for the week, bonus. 

Eljay has well and truly hit the terrible twos. FFS.

We didn't go through this with Chai, he's an easy going boy. Not FFS.

Eljay has definitely got my stubbornness. FFS.

I've renamed him Stompy because his favourite thing to do is say NO! then stamp his foot and refuse to move. FFS.

I just can't win when he's in Stompy mode. FFS.

Take yesterday for example. He wanted a toy so I gave it to him. When I did he got angry, yelled NO at me then stomped his foot. I took it away and he got angrier so I gave it back again and he threw a tantrum. Nice.

I'm very tempted to throw my own tantrum to see what reaction I get. Hehe.

Eljay and I are both sick. FFS.

I'm losing my voice. FFS.

I've also got a cold, a chest infection and something I'll tell you about soon, Eljay has gammy eyes and a chest infection. FFS.

All he wants to do is feed. FFS.

I'm getting ready to wean him and had him only feeding to sleep, now he wants to feed all day. FFS.

He won't be distracted either. FFS.

The child has a one track mind. FFS.

No lie, he'd ask me for a feed at least 100 times a day. I kid you not. FFS.

He asks over and over and over and over again. FFS.

He even tries to negotiate! He's 2! Our convo goes like this:
E: Eed (feed)
M: No
E: Little eed
M: No
E: Need it
M: No, it's not time for a feed. 
E: Please Mummy
M: No baby, it's not time for a feed, you only feed when it's sleeping time.
E: Leep (sleep) Mummy
M: You want to go to sleep?
E: Eh (yes)
M: But it's 7am, you only just woke up
E: Tired. Leep Mummy
M: I think you're tricking me, you just want a feed
E: (big yawn) Leep Mummy, need leep
M: I'm not going to feed you baby because it's too early for a sleep. Do you want a drink?

That goes on all day. He just won't give up. Weaning is going to be fun.

But I digress. As I mentioned, Eljay and I are both sick. We went to the Dr yesterday to get ourselves checked out. I've had a sore ear for a few days and I knew it wasn't going to be good news when he looked in my ear and said "Wow. Cool. Wow. That's really cool. I have to show someone this cause it's cool. You don't see that very often." Not what you want to hear from your Dr. FFS.

Turns out I have a cyst on my ear drum. FFS.

That explains why it's sore. FFS.

The other Dr came in to take a look, they discussed treatment for a while, left the room, discussed it a little bit more then my Dr came in and told me that he'll give me antibiotics and I need to make an appointment for next week to check if it's okay. FFS.

Added to that, poor Eljay has glue ear, so he needs to be checked next week too. FFS.

Naturally this all happens when Tiger is away. FFS.

The Dr's last words to me where "All I can say is good luck. You're going to need it." Truer words were never spoken. FFS.   

That's all the fun parts of my week. Please tell me all your exciting news so I can feel better about something. Or link me to your Priceline sale haul posts. Or whinge, whatever takes your fancy.

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