Friday, 27 November 2015

FFS Friday - MAC

I haven't been to the city for well over a year now and I really miss it. Whilst I'll always be a country girl, I love the city. In my ideal world I'd have a house in the country and a unit in the city. It'd be perfect. Before we flew out to Bali we spent the night in Perth, I was more excited about Perth than I was Bali!

Due to the limited time I had up there and having both boys with me, I planned everything that I wanted to do with military precision. My first stop was MAC. I ruthlessly went through my collection to get empties. I ended up with 18 empties, enough to get three lipsticks. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to play and swatch to my hearts content when I was at the counter, I made my selections online so that I could tell the m/a which lipsticks I wanted.

I went to the David Jones MAC and the girl who helped me was lovely. I was looking for a new foundation so whilst she was helping me with that she asked another (blonde girl) to get the Back 2 MAC lipsticks out. What is it with MAC staff being so rude? There's always one. I'm sure it must be a job prerequisite. This time it was the blonde. She had such a haughty, rude attitude I felt like slapping the bitchy expression off her smug face.  

Despite seeing that I had two small children with me she took her own sweet time. In the time it took the nice m/a helping me to discuss foundations, get me a sample of one foundation and help me select a Cream Colour Base alternative, little miss haughty hadn't even got the lipsticks. She was too busy sorting through my empties. She got them out and very carefully examined all eighteen of them. She'd look at the top and bottom then open it up and look inside, pulling faces as she went. Seriously. I have no idea what her problem was. Maybe she was checking to make sure they weren't fakes? Even if she was, does it matter what was inside the lipstick and gloss tubes? I don't have a problem with her looking at everything but there was no need to pull faces.

When she eventually finished and got the lipsticks, she pulled them out of their boxes and slapped them on the counter. Usually when I do B2M they give me the lipstick in it's box, they just put a cross over the bar code. Not miss nasty pants. Once she'd got the lipsticks she stood there looking at me, so I smiled at her and she glared at me. Clearly she doesn't like the B2M program, or maybe it was just me. Either way, her behaviour was inappropriate. 

If she'd had a name badge I would have lodged a complaint about her, she really was so rude. I don't understand why people like that work in customer service roles!

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