Sunday, 25 October 2015

Thoughts of the week

1. I've struggled to get to the gym this week now that Chai is back at kindy and Tiger is away. I need to get myself into some sort of a routine, hopefully I'll manage that next week.

2. Speaking of the gym, I'm also feeling like I'm not getting good enough results. This was my fourth week. I don't think I've lost much (if any) weight, I'm not seeing any difference in the way my clothes fit either. I have increased my weights so I know I'm getting stronger, but I wonder if I'm putting in enough effort. 

3. I'm going to take a good look at my diet and portion sizes this week to see if that helps and I'll also up my water intake.

4. Chai did his first running race on Friday, watching him was so cute. My baby is growing up.

5. Sasha won the bachelorette! I knew he would, I've been team Sasha right from the start.

6.  These Madame Flavour teas are awesome.

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