Monday, 12 October 2015

My eye liner collection

A while ago I posted my eye liner destash. After my destash I had 30 eye liners. I've gotten rid of more since then, found a few that I had hidden away elsewhere and am slowly getting rid of the ones that I don't love.

I still have 25 (it was 27 but I threw two out after I took the photo) eye liners which I think is way too many so I'll be working on using them up. I don't have any duplicates but some of the colours are very similar, so I'm planning on pulling out all the similar colours, using them all for a few days each and then tossing the ones that aren't amazing. 

What do you all think is a reasonable amount of eye liners to have?
I'm thinking seven.
1 brown, 1 grey, 1 nude (for the inner water line), 1 navy, 1 green, 1 purple and 1 bright (probably turquoise).
At the moment I also have two burgundy liners which I'm not sure I'll wear. I'm going to test them out and make a final decision, but I suspect they'll be going. 

Is seven eye liners enough? Are there any colours that I'm missing?

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