Friday, 2 October 2015

FFS Friday - Send help

Well look at me, two posts in one day!

This week has been a doozy and it's all my fault. FFS.

Clever me decided to start night weaning Eljay this week. FFS.

It was also the week I started exercising again. FFS.

The first week of school holidays. FFS.

And Tiger is away for an extra five days this time. FFS.

Great timing Glossy. FFS.

It all started Saturday night. Eljay was up every hour wanting to feed. FFS.

That was the last straw. FFS.

I got up Sunday morning determined to wean him. FFS.

I was so tired and I had my gym appraisal that morning. FFS.

After the appraisal I consulted Dr Google, headed to the shops and got everything I needed to dry up my milk supply. FFS.

After speaking to Tiger and my sister and calming down a little, I made the decision to night wean. FFS.

I explained to Eljay that I was no longer going to feed him at night, that he could have a cuddle and some water but he wouldn't get a feed at night. Fat lot of good it did. FFS.

Sunday night he woke up three times and screamed for fifteen minutes each time. FFS.

Monday our day started at 3.30am. FFS.

Monday night he woke up four times and screamed for ten minutes each time. FFS.

Tuesday our day started at 4.30am. FFS.

Wednesday he woke up once and cried for about two minutes. FFS.

Thursday our day started at 5.50am.

Last night he was up three times, but didn't cry, I just had to resettle him. FFS.

Today our day started at 4.50am. FFS.

Poor Chai has been so tired, he wakes up as soon as I get out of bed so he's been waking up early and won't sleep during the day. FFS.

Thanks to his tiredness he's been in beast mode all week. FFS.

He's so bad that I've been seriously wondering where I've gone wrong as a parent. FFS.

He's a screaming, hitting, angry little monster. FFS.

I'm totally exhausted and struggling to make it through each day so my tolerance levels are at an all time low. FFS.

Added to that I am so, so sore from exercising, every move hurts. FFS. 

Even not moving hurts. FFS.

My hayfever cleared up whilst I was on steroids but it's now back and worse than ever. FFS.

It's still over a week until Tiger gets home, I'm seriously wondering how we'll survive until then. FFS.

Send help. 
And vodka.
And wine.
And coffee.
And chocolate.
And steroids. That should cover everything. 

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