Friday, 16 October 2015

FFS Friday - Schmexy

Last Saturday got off to a slow start. I hadn't had much sleep thanks to Eljay so was pottering around the house in my pj's. FFS/Not FFS.

I decided to test out a few products for the blog, so put on a face mask and red lipstick, as you do. 

I was washing the face mask off when the door bell rang. FFS.

It was 9.30am so I figured it'd be one of the neighbours, who else would knock on my door at 9.30am on a Saturday morning? 

I should have known better. FFS.

It was a religious caller. FFS.

To make it worse, he was a family friend that I haven't seen for about 20 years. FFS.

He recognised me straight away. FFS.

It was only after he left that I remembered I was wearing the remnants of a face mask and bright red lipstick. Hehe.

That afternoon I took the kids down to the Youthtastic event. It's an awesome event that the council puts on for youth and everything is free. 

Eljay spent most of the time throwing tantrums for no reason at all. FFS.

Hello Terrible Two's. FFS.

He's been throwing a lot of tantrums lately. FFS.

They're random and I can't seem to win. FFS.

Saturday he was all over the place. FFS.

He asked for his football then threw a tantrum when I gave it to him. FFS.

I took it back and he kicked the tantrum up a notch. FFS.

I gave it back to him and he continued to tantrum. FFS.

After about an hour of constant, inconsolable tantrums I needed a break so I walked five steps away to get some distance. Chai couldn't see me so went into instant panic mode and started crying and yelling out for me. FFS.

And so our day went. FFS.

Fun. Or not. FFS.

I feel like I try everything to make the kids happy and it just doesn't work. FFS.

When Tiger is home they're fine but when he's away they're miserable. FFS.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. FIFO sucks. It isn't healthy for the families or the person who's away. And despite what they try to tell you, kids don't get used to it. FFS.

I've started my new eating plan and I'm loving it. As a treat I went out and bought Caramelised Buckini's ($13.20 for 500g) and organic shredded coconut ($7.20 for 200g). I've been eating them sparingly because they're expensive. FFS.

Sunday I decided to indulge myself and had buckini's, shredded coconut and cacao nibs for breakfast. Eljay saw me eating it, asked for a mouthful and then stole it off me. FFS.

He then proceeded to throw it all over the theatre room. FFS.

He never does that when I'm eating oats or something cheap. FFS.

This week we had the PIL's here. FFS.

MIL tries her best to help out but usually just creates more work for me. If only she'd check with me before "helping". FFS.

This time she took it upon herself to rearrange all of Chai's drawers and wardrobe. FFS.

I have a system. It's pretty clear. One drawer for underwear and socks, one drawer for shorts, bathers and kindy bottoms (shorts and pants), one drawer for trackies and jeans, one drawer for pj's. His hanging clothes are divided into t'shirts, long sleeved tops, jackets/jumpers etc and kindy tops. Simple.

MIL decided to randomly hang all the hanging clothes and rearrange his drawers. FFS.

There were pj's hanging up, pj's in with the shorts, she moved the singlets to another drawer, shifted all the kindy clothes, found some clothes that don't fit him any more and put them in his drawers, took clothes out of his drawers and left them on the stool and created total havoc. FFS.

It took me 20 minutes to fix it up again. FFS.

I'd only just put everything away before she visited and decided to rearrange it all. FFS.  

If she'd just spoken to me she could have saved us both a whole lot of time and effort. FFS.

Ah well. At least she visits and tries to help out.

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