Friday, 23 October 2015

FFS Friday - Crap

Hello and welcome to another edition of FFS Friday. Are you sick of it yet? Let's hope not cause I'm about to get my whinge on again.

So what's given me the shits this week? I'll tell you.

Tiger went back to work this week. FFS.

Chai has been miserable ever since. FFS.

The poor baby has been so upset. FFS.

He's cried every time I've dropped him off at kindy, I hate seeing him so upset. FFS.

FIFO sucks. FFS.

Unfortunately if we want to stop FIFO it means moving to the Pilbara. FFS.

I hate hot weather, I'm pretty sure it'd kill me. FFS.

I'm trying to convince Tiger to agree to sell everything, buy a fun bus and tour around the country, but he just won't be in it. Spoilsport. FFS.

 This week my FullyFitspo journey has come to a grinding halt. FFS.

Eljay has decided that he hates the creche. FFS.

This means I can only exercise when Tiger is home or when I can get someone to look after the boys. FFS.

It's pretty rare that I can get someone to look after them. FFS.

I spoke to my trainer and she's going to write me a program that I can do at home. Worst case scenario I'll have to smash the gym when Tiger is home and work out at home when he's away. It's not ideal but it's better than nothing. 

Yesterday I had Eljay booked in to the creche. He was all excited that he got to take a back pack with food in it and everything was fine until I went to leave the creche. FFS.

He got so upset that he started sobbing. FFS.

I showed him the gym and had big talk to him about me going to exercise and we're trying again today. Wish me luck. 

Meanwhile all sorts of crap is going down with my family. I'm surrounded on all sides by crappy stuff and it sucks. FFS.

Speaking of crap, we haven't had a good poo story for a while. I know how much you all love my poo stories.

Yesterday evening I was getting Eljay ready for bed. I'd let him have a nudie run for a while because he has a little bit of nappy rash and I wanted to give it time to air out. We were in his bedroom and just as I picked him up he said "poo poo Mummy".

I asked him if he needed to do a poo and he said yes.

As I was laying him down on the change table I stepped forward and felt something squishy under my foot. FFS.

Then I noticed that there was poo all down Eljay's leg. FFS.

And all over the floor. FFS.

And under my foot. FFS.

And all over the change table. FFS.

It took me ten minutes to clean it all up. FFS.

For the next half hour I was sure that I could still feel poo on the bottom of my foot. FFS. 

Fun times. FFS.

I'll conclude my post on that high note and see you all back here next Friday for my weekly whine session. 

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