Friday, 27 March 2015

FFS Friday - Duckity Duck Duck Duck

I'm still sick. FFS.

I'm also freaking out. FFS.

For the past six months I've been getting a pain under my rib. I went to the Dr, had blood tests and an ultrasound but they couldn't find anything wrong. Yesterday I found out the pain is Crohn's. FFS.

It's in a different spot to what it was before which means the Crohn's is active again. FFS.

I'm freaking out. FFS.

I don't want to deal with this. FFS.

I can't get sick, how will I look after my babies if I'm sick? It's not an option. FFS.

Fucking stupid Crohn's. FFS.

My amazing naturopath has moved and I can't get in touch with him. He fixed me last time, who will fix me this time? FFS.

Tomorrow I will put on my big girl pants and deal with it. Today I am freaking out. FFS.

It's all I can think about. FFS.

Fucking Crohn's. FFS.

It explains a lot. I now understand why I've been so exhausted and irritable and struggling to deal with life. FFS.

As I sit here I can feel the pain, it doesn't go away. Fucking Crohn's. FFS.

But enough about that.

Wednesday morning Tiger had an appointment at 8am. He was getting ready when he called out to me in a panicked voice and told me that Eljay had taken half a sleeping tablet. FFS.

Tiger had left it on top of the bathroom cabinet, not knowing that Eljay now climbs up onto the cabinet. FFS.

It's a trick he mastered whilst Tiger was away. FFS.

Tiger had been in the shower but not watching him!? WTF? FFS.

He got out of the shower, saw Eljay licking his lips and saw that the tablet was missing so went into panic mode. FFS.

I doubted that Eljay would have eaten it because it wouldn't taste nice, but Tiger insisted he did. FFS.

The poisons information line told me that he was right on the boarder line so we had to watch for the next six hours and if he vomited a lot or he got really hypo we had to take him straight to hosptial. FFS.

He seemed his normal happy self. Not FFS.

Tiger got halfway to his appointment then decided to come home because he was too worried about Eljay. FFS.

He got home and wandered around in a panic. FFS.

I asked Eljay if he ate the tablet and he said no, so I checked the bathroom and found it. Not FFS.

I'd mistakenly assumed that Tiger had checked for the tablet cause surely that's the first thing you'd do, but clearly Tiger thought it'd be more fun to panic. FFS.

Tiger now leaves his tablets well out of Eljay's reach. Not FFS.

See that's the thing with a FIFO lifestyle. Lots of changes happen whilst Tiger is away and he doesn't know about them. He knows about the big milestones but the little things (like Eljay getting into everything) he doesn't know about. So he comes home and has to learn everything then just when he's got the hang of it he's off again. Stupid FIFO.

There ends my weekly whinge. Please tell me something funny to take my mind off my colon.

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