Friday, 6 March 2015

FFS Friday - Butterfingers

Ohh, this one happened a few weeks ago and I forgot to mention it. FFS.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the photo I posted of the stupid butter knives that MIL gave me. Someone commented on my photo and said that it was unfortunate MIL had an ungrateful daughter in law like me. Hahaha. If only she knew. 

Methinks she's touchy cause she's a horrible MIL herself. 


Amazingly I don't have much else to complain about this week. I could complain about my hayfever but I did that last week so I won't bother. I also won't bother complaining about my lack of sleep. I got my weekly summary from FitBit yesterday, it's depressing. 

Actually, scratch that, I will complain about my lack of sleep. Check this out.
This is why I'm tired. FFS.

Eljay, who is normally a great sleeper, for the last month has decided that sleep is over rated and waking up constantly is the go. FFS.

I strongly disagree however he fails to see my point of view. FFS.

I'm sofaking tired. FFS.

On a good night he wakes up twice, on a bad night he's up every 45 minutes. FFS.

When he really wants to play he likes me to spend an hour standing next to the cot patting his bottom. FFS.

I have no idea what's going on with him. He's just not sleeping. FFS.

I suspect he may be trying to kill me. FFS.

Or torture me. FFS.

Or both. FFS.

This isn't going to end well. FFS.

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