Thursday, 1 January 2015

Project Life Detox - Make-up

Today marks the second phase of my Project Life Detox the make-up and skincare detox. Regular readers will know that I've been pondering this for a while, trying to work out what it will look out and how I will stick to my resolve to curb my frivolous spending. Last years Beauty Diet was a great start, it got me using things up and thinking more about the products that I bought. 

This year I've decided to be more strict with myself. I am going to cut out all unnecessary makeup and skin care purchases. It may not sound like a big deal, but for me it is. I shop when I'm stressed, I shop when I'm bored and I shop to cheer myself up. As of now, that stops.

I've made a list of all my skin care products so that I can easily see what I have. In the past when I've run out of something I've had a quick look in the boxes, not found what I need so bought something new, only to later find out I already had a replacement. 

Surprisingly I don't have any back ups of cleanser or body scrubs, so I'll be repurchasing them as I run out. I have plenty of body lotions and body butters, I won't need to buy more this year. 

I'd like to make a list of all my make-up but that will take ages. Hopefully I'll get that done this month. 

Another part of this project is letting go of products that I don't love or that don't work for me. I have plenty of products that fit these categories but for some reason I hold onto them. One of the biggest reasons is that I hate throwing a perfectly good product in the bin. But from now on, if I can't find someone to give unwanted products to, they'll go in the bin. Brand new products I'll donate. 

I spent quite a lot of time last year destashing, giving things away, throwing out old or expired products and getting rid of things that I just don't love. Despite that, I still have a huge amount of excess products! 

I'm going to continue sorting through my stash and getting rid of products I don't love. The products I'm on the fence about will get tossed, because if I really loved them I wouldn't be on the fence about them. 

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