Friday, 30 January 2015

FFS Friday

To say I've been struggling lately would be the understatement of the century. Chai really struggles with Tiger being away, it gets worse for him every time. Heartbreaking. 

He's at the monster stage, he cries, screams, yells, hits, throws tantrums and is generally awful. FFS.

He's also at the Why? stage. FFS.

And the No stage. FFS.

And the contrary stage. FFS.

He asks why everything. FFS.

All f*^%ing day. FFS.

When he's not doing that he'll ask me a question then when I tell him the answer he'll tell me I'm wrong. FFS.

For example, a typical conversation will go like this:
Me: Chai, do you want to have a shower?
Chai: Why?
Me: Because we're going out soon, do you want to have a shower before we go?
Chai: Why?
Me: Do you want to have a shower or not?
Chai: Not.
As I'm getting out of the shower he comes in.
Chai: Why are you out of the shower?
Me: Because I'm all clean.
Chai: But I wanted to have a shower with you (he starts crying).
Me: Do you want to have a big boy shower whilst I'm getting ready?
Chai: No, I told you I don't want to have a shower. 
Me: But you just said you wanted to have a shower.
Chai: (yelling) No I Did Not!

It's so much fun. FFS.

Why do people not talk about the tough times? I don't understand. Why pretend that everything is wonderful when it's not. Things aren't always wonderful for anyone, so why do we pretend? 

I have another episode of Things That Only Happen When Tiger is Away.

Sunday night it was 9pm and I was just about to go when I heard a huge bang on the roof. FFS.

Someone had thrown a rock onto the roof. FFS.

I messaged my neighbour and she sent out her hubby and two sons. Not FFS.

We found rocks all over the road, all over my verge and as we were standing there a rock was thrown and nearly hit the neighbour. FFS.

It was the little turds down the road. FFS.

The neighbour went and spoke to the parents who didn't give a damn. FFS.

That explains why I've been finding rocks all over my driveway and over the road lately. Bloody little shit heads. FFS.

What makes matters worse is my bedroom is right at the front of the house, so if they throw a rock through the window there's a good chance it'd hit Eljay in his cot. FFS.

I've decided we're moving. FFS.

There's no other option. FFS.

My baby goes to kindy next week. I'm all sorts of nervous and full of what if's. What if he doesn't cope, what if he does a wee in the middle of the playground, what if he gets nits, what if kids are mean to him etc. I'm sure it'll be fine. What am I going to do all day without him around? It'll be strange only having one baby with me. 

Speaking of babies, I am so clucky! FFS.

If we were younger I'd be trying to convince Tiger to have another baby. I don't think he'd take much convincing. Someone please have a baby so I can play with it and get rid of my cluckiness. 

Any tips on how I can get rid of my cluckiness?

That's all. If you've had any FFS worthy moments tell me all about them. 

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