Friday, 9 January 2015

FFS Friday - Toxic

This week I read back through some old FFS Friday posts and it confirmed what I'd always suspected, I'm awesome. Haha, no, not really. It confirmed that Chai has never coped with Tiger doing FIFO. FFS.

It seems to be getting worse and worse. FFS.

He's getting more upset, more clingy and more unhappy. FFS.

He's going to kindy in a few weeks and I'm so worried that it's going to be a nightmare. FFS.

He constantly tells me that he doesn't want to go. FFS.

Lately he hasn't even wanted to leave the house, he's just wanted to stay home all day. FFS.

I'm hoping there will be some sort of miracle once kindy starts and he'll love it. 

For the first time, this week I took both the boys into the pool on my own. I've never been brave enough to do this before because I'm too worried about them drowning. 

I got to see what it'd be like if my baby drowned. FFS.

We were in the pool and I needed to put on more sunscreen so I got both the boys out of the pool and got the sunscreen. I put Eljay down to get the sunscreen and he ran back to the pool. FFS.

I followed him and watched as he got onto the first step of the pool. I told him to stop but he didn't. He got onto the second step and again I told him to stop, but he didn't. FFS.

He went for the third step but it's too deep for him, so he went right under the water. FFS.

He was only under there for seconds, at a guess I'd say it wouldn't have been more than five second because I was right there with him, but they are five seconds that I'll never forget. FFS.

It's the look on his face that I'll never forget. And the silence. There was no sound at all. He just went under the water, turned over so that he was facing upwards and started to sink. His eyes were wide open and the look of terror on his face was awful. Haunting. FFS.

FFS doesn't cover it really. 

He wasn't even under long enough to take a breath so when I got him out he was perfectly happy, he just took a breath and then grinned at me. FFS.

I want to get him a swimming vest but haven't been able to find one in his size. I've been looking for months now and there's nothing around here. There's plenty for two year olds but nothing for one year olds. FFS.

As if that wasn't enough trauma for the week, Tuesday night I got gastro. FFS.

I timed it well. Not FFS.

Tiger got home Tuesday and in the early hours of Wednesday morning I got gastro. FFS.

I spent all Wednesday in bed whilst Tiger looked after the boys. Not FFS.

Thursday I got up, walked into the kitchen and saw a total mess. FFS.

Why is it that when a man gets sick the household continues on as normal but when the woman gets sick the house falls apart? 

There was milk in the coffee machine from the morning before, food that'd been left on the bench overnight, the dishwasher hadn't been unpacked so there were dishes everywhere, a sharp knife on the table where the boys could reach it, a wet nappy in the bathroom and mess all over the place. I even found food and a dirty bowl in the boys playroom. FFS.

I spent half an hour tidying everything up. FFS.

Tiger is great with the boys and usually pretty good with housework too, so why he couldn't manage both I have no idea. FFS.

That's all from me, now it's your turn. 


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