Friday, 2 January 2015

FFS Friday - Self gifting

Wednesday I got a Facebook friend request. From my cousin. The pedophile. FFS.

He's the cousin who molested me when I was 9. He was 17. FFS.

Mum said that what he did wasn't wrong as he was just "sexually experimenting". Right. FFS.

17 year olds do not "experiment' with 9 year olds. FFS.

WTF he thought I'd want him as a friend I have no idea. FFS.

I blocked him. FFS.

But now I wonder if he'll be able to see photos of me that are on our family members profiles. FFS.

I suppose it doesn't matter, I haven't seen him for over 20 years, but I don't want him knowing anything about me. FFS.

Filthy disgusting pedophile. People like that deserve the death sentence. 

Wednesday was one of those days. He just added to it. FFS.

Tiger is away so of course things are not much fun. FFS.

We hardly got any sleep Tuesday night, both boys kept on waking up and our day started at 5am. FFS.

By 7am I'd already screamed at the kids. FFS.

Mother of the year here. FFS.

From the second they woke up they were fighting, hitting each other and screaming. FFS.

At 7am, when I was trying to do a poo with them both in the bathroom screaming at each other, I yelled at them to shut up! FFS.

So they both started crying. FFS.

If I'm perfectly honest, the crying was easier to deal with than the screaming. FFS.

At 7.05am I'd locked myself in the toilet so that I didn't have to listen to the screaming and crying. FFS. 

It didn't work cause I could still hear them and Chai just screamed louder until he found me. FFS.

That morning we had to go out to get a birthday present for Dad. Eljay has decided he hates being strapped into his car seat so screams, arches his back and makes things really difficult. FFS.

I finally got him strapped in and two minutes down the road Chai decided he was hungry. FFS.

He'd refused to eat breakfast so it wasn't surprising. FFS.

The shop I was going to is a beautiful homewares shop. It's always scary taking the kids into a shop like that as there are so many breakables. FFS.

I strapped Eljay onto my back and prayed that Chai would behave. FFS.

I'd just started looking around when Chai announced that he was busting to do a poo. FFS.

The shop wouldn't let us use their toilet. FFS.

The nearest toilet was a 5 minute walk away. FFS.

We only just made it in time. FFS.

Then we had to go back to get Dad's present. FFS.

The whole time Chai was complaining about being hungry. FFS.

That's what happens when you won't eat breakfast buddy. FFS.

I got one present for Dad and three for me. Not FFS.

Behold my 650 ml coffee cups! And Wilbur the owl.
That's shopping done right. Not FFS.

The afternoon didn't improve. FFS.

Chai was being so nasty to Eljay. He threw a car at him and hit him in the head. FFS.

He'd thrown the car so hard that it bounced off Eljay's head and hit the fridge. FFS.

I lost my temper, grabbed Chai and put him on the couch then went into the bedroom with Eljay and shut the door. FFS.

Chai screamed at the top of his lungs for ten minutes. FFS.

I was convinced the police were going to turn up. FFS.

I'm amazed that they didn't. FFS.

I got Eljay calmed down and Chai eventually stopped screaming. Not FFS.

Then we went for a swim. I really didn't want to reward Chai's bad behaviour but I needed to calm us all down. Plus I know that Chai's behaviour was because of Tiger going away. The first few days after he's gone are always tough. I hate FIFO. FFS.

That is all. 
It's your turn now.

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