Saturday, 1 November 2014


I'm so restless at the moment, I really want to pack up and move. Perhaps it's the change of seasons that's ignited my wanderlust. I often wonder why we live the way we do. What's the point of working all our lives to pay off a house? There must be more to life than than. It seems really pointless. I'd rather not own a house and travel the world.

I think about what I want for my boys. Do I want them to value possessions and work their whole life to pay off a house? No. Do I want them to value people and experiences and spend their days traveling the world and connecting with people? Yes. So why am I living the way I do? Why am I teaching my boys to value possessions and not people? How will they learn to live another way if I don't give them the example?

Then there are times that I love having roots and stability. I love having friends and family close by, I love having a house that's mine, knowing the people at the chemist, coffee shop etc. It'd be great if we could have both. And I think I could, if we had a more modest house. I'd be happy with a smaller house, Tiger would not. But maybe if I keep on trying I might convince him one day. 

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