Monday, 24 November 2014

My favourite rose scented products

Ah rose, one of my all time favourite scents. A sure way to get me to buy something is to tell me it smells like roses. I used to have a gorgeous rose scented Juicy Tube. I finished it years ago and I still miss it. If they released another rose one I'd buy at least three.

I'm sure there are plenty of you who love rose as much as I do, so today I'm sharing with you some of my favourite rose scented products. 

Kosmea Moisturising Lotion SPF 30 - I didn't think that I'd ever find a sunscreen that I liked more than my Clinique Super City Block until I tried the new Kosmea Moisturising Lotion. It's the gorgeous rose scent that won me over. If you want a gorgeous, light yet hydrating sunscreen, you need this.  

Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner - I so wish Aerin products were available here. Rose Lip Conditioner is a thick, glossy balm. If you don't like sticky lip products stay away from this one. Personally I like sticky lip products because they last for ages. I apply this once every four hours to keep my lips soft and smooth.

Joeur Pearl Lip Enhancer - Joeur is another brand I wish was available here. The lip enhancer gives a pretty wash of sheer colour with a heavenly rose scent.

By Terry Baume de Rose - To my great disgust I have recently become allergic to my Baume de Rose. Considering the ridiculous price, this is a very, very sad thing. I'm hoping it's just temporary. Frankly there is no way that Baume de Rose is worth the price, however if you are a die hard lip balm and rose lover, spoil yourself.

Chi Chi French Rose perfume - I get so many compliments when I wear this and people are always surprised to hear that it's a cheap perfume, they always expect it to be expensive because of the beautiful true rose scent.

Christian Dior Creme de Rose - For those of you not willing to shell out the $$$ for the By Terry Baume de Rose, this is a slightly cheaper option. Out of the two balms this is my pick. The packaging is more handbag friendly, it's not quite as thick and it smells just as lovely. Oh and I'm not allergic to it, bonus.

Lanolips Rose Hand Balm Intense - The rose scent in this is quite subtle. It's more of a green rose than a full on sweet rose, but it's still lovely. This is my go to hand cream when my hands are really dry and peeling.

Jurlique Rose Love Balm - As far as lip balms go, this is on the light end. It would be totally useless if my lips were chapped but when my lips are in good condition Rose Love balm is okay. I like to use it before I apply lipstick. It's also good as a light perfume.

NAT. Aroma Rose - This is my choice to use in the oil burner.

The Candle Shack Bulgarian Rose - Whenever I go to my sister in laws house it always smells beautiful and this is the reason why.  Out of all the candles I've tried, these are by far the best. They have the most amazing scent that lasts and lasts. I don't even need to light my candle to enjoy the beautiful fragrance. 

Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Oil Capsules - These are the lazy persons face mask. I apply one of these at night, go to bed and wake up with soft, smooth skin. Easy peasy.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist - Jurlique really know how to do a good rose fragrance. Their rose body oil is heavenly, as is their rose hand cream. And of course the Rosewater balancing mist. I've gone through countless bottles of all three of the products that I mentioned, they're beautiful, luxurious and smell heavenly.

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose perfume -I'm not sure what the difference between normal roses and mountain roses are, either way this is a beautiful, fresh rose scent.

What are your favourite rose scented products? 
If you know of a great rose scented lip product please tell me so I can buy it. 

Note: The Kosmea moisturiser, NAT oil and Weleda capsules were provided to me for review. All other products I purchased myself. 

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