Friday, 28 November 2014

FFS Friday - Respite

We've been looking after the FIL for the last week to give MIL respite. FFS.

It's like having another child. FFS.

He just sits around and expects us to do everything for him. FFS.

I know that he's ill but he's still capable of doing some things for himself. FFS.

He won't even get himself a glass of water. FFS.

He was only supposed to be with us for a few days from last Tuesday, however the MIL didn't want to pick him up and he didn't want to go back home. FFS.

Thankfully she finally came to get him on Wednesday and they went home yesterday. Not FFS.

As per usual, MIL was her annoying self. FFS.

She thinks she's an expert on dogs and decided that we are feeding Bella the wrong food. FFS.

Despite us telling her that we asked the vet and the pet shop what to feed Bella and they both agreed, MIL is convinced we're wrong. FFS.

I had a friend over so MIL spent 15 minutes talking to her about what food dogs should eat. FFS.

I'm sure she thought she was being subtle. FFS.

Then she went and bought the food she thinks we should feed Bella. FFS.

It's not even puppy food. FFS.

Totally ignoring our wishes, she gave the food to Bella and the next day Bella had the runs. FFS. 

Last weekend Tiger decided to start war with our neighbours. FFS.

Not a good idea. FFS.

They're great neighbours and we really like them. FFS.

In the 15 months we've been here they have never been noisy. Until Friday night that is. FFS.

At 9.45pm the neighbour decided to get out his harley and start revving it up. FFS.

For 15 minutes. FFS.

It's bloody loud. FFS.

It didn't disturb the kids so I told Tiger not to worry about it, but he couldn't help himself. FFS.

Instead of going out there and nicely asking them to turn the bike off (which I'm sure they would have), Tiger yelled at them. FFS.

Personally I would have just left it. It wasn't worrying the kids, they are never noisy and no harm was done. 

The next morning, once again, Tiger couldn't help himself. He saw the neighbour's wife out the front and instead of making a joke about it he made a smart comment, so she made a smart comment back. FFS.

When he told me I pointed out that there's no doubt our kids are way noisier than they ever are. FFS.

A little while later the hubby came out and he was fine about it, he apologised and we told him it was all good but the wife wouldn't make eye contact with us. FFS.

Sunday arvo we saw her again and everything seemed to be fine but I'm going to apologise to her when I get the chance. FFS.

I was just browsing the Prabal Gurung goodies on the MAC website. The lipsticks are $69 and the lip glasses are $68. What a f@#$ing joke! FFS.

That concludes my weekly whinge. Now it's your turn. 

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