Monday, 30 June 2014

Thought of the month

This month I have only one thought.

When did heroin chic become the norm?
I was watching 80's video's this month, specifically Samantha Fox. She was a very beautiful, normal sized woman. It got me thinking about when I was growing up (in the 80's). Back then beauty wasn't all about being stick thin, normal sized woman were considered beautiful and being super thin was not attractive. 

Then in the 90's Heroin Chic became a thing. People were shocked at how thin the Heroin Chic models were. Then all of a sudden Heroin Chic became the new normal and now we consider super thin to be attractive and normal to be unattractive. I find it very sad. It's this, along with a lot of other things, that makes me glad I have boys instead of girls. I really wouldn't like to raise a girl in a world where so much value is placed on appearance. 

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