Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Lanolips collection

I must admit that I have become slightly obsessed with Lanolips over the last few years. So obsessed that I ordered their three new products from the UK as they aren't yet available here. Speaking of that, what's with that? An Australian company that releases their new products overseas before they release them here? And not just a little while before, the banana balm was launched in the UK nearly 12 months ago. That really, really irks me. It'd be nice if we got the products here first, just once. We are always waiting for things to be released here we have to wait months and months. This is why we shop online, when will companies realise that? But enough ranting, onto my Lanolips products.

I have the entire collection other than the Triple Buttermilk Body Balm which I can't find anywhere. I also don't have all of the tinted balms as Lanolips is now impossible to get in my town. Priceline doesn't have any stock and Terry White Chemist will no longer be stocking it. Very inconvenient. I know I can order online but sometimes it's nice to go into a store and check out colours etc before buying. I'm planning on getting more of the coloured balms but I want to see the colours in person before I buy, so it will have to wait until next time I go to the city, which will probably be months away.

Here's a brief rundown of each product:

Golden Ointment - Golden Ointment contains manuka honey and Vitamin E to provide intense moisturisation. I have the travel sized tins which are brilliant as they are so easy to carry around. Golden Ointment can be used all over, as a lip balm, cuticle cream, skin conditioner etc. I usually use it as a lip balm and on any sore spots that the boys have. It's really great for grazes and nappy rash so the perfect addition to a nappy bag.

Rose Balm Intense Hand Cream - This is a great winter hand cream as it's super hydrating. I like to use it as a night time hand cream or for an intense hit of moisture I apply a thick layer before I do the dishes (wearing gloves). The warmth of the water makes the cream absorb quickly leaving my hands feeling lovely and soft.

101 Ointment - I use 101 Ointment in a similar way to Golden Ointment. 101 Ointment is a little lighter so I tend to use it when I don't need intense hydration. Primarily I use this as a lip balm, however it also works as an all over mosturiser.

Lemonaid Lip Aid - As you can probably guess from the name, Lemonaid contains organic lemon oil which acts as an exfoliant. I use Lemonaid as a night time treatment when my lips are feeling a bit rough. It helps to get rid of the rough patches and leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth.

Herbal Treatment Body Oil - I first started using Herbal Treatment Body Oil as a stretch mark preventer when I was pregnant. It contains eucalyptus and pine oils so has a light, fresh fragrance that didn't upset my pregnant nose and it did a lovely job of keeping my skin feeling soft and non itchy. The oil is light so sinks in quickly with no greasy residue which meant I could put it on and then get dressed straight away. I've since gone through countless bottles as it has lots of different uses. At the moment I'm using it as a bath oil to help soothe Eljays eczema.

Lip Ointment with Colour in Mulberry - This was a limited edition christmas product. It's a beautiful deep berry tint that's a great winter shade. If they release it again this christmas, get it whilst you can!

101 Ointment Strawberry - is lovely. Unsurprisingly, it's exactly like the original 101 Ointment, but it smells like strawberry (funny that). It contains strawberry extract and vitamin E and can be used all over. I find it to be slightly more hydrating than the original 101 Ointment.  

Banana Balm 3 in 1 - contains lanolin, 100% natural banana extract and 1% shimmer. It's a gorgeous, creamy lip balm with a lovely soft shine. It smells gorgeous, like banana lollies and to my disappointment it has no flavour, I really wish it did. 

Both the Banana Balm and 101 Ointment Strawberry have slant tipped applicators which makes them much easier to apply than the original 101 Ointment.

Antibacterial Hand Cream - I've been wanting something like this to be released for years and I'm so glad there is finally one available. I've stopped using hand sanitisers as they make my skin so dry, but constant hand washing is just as bad. Now I don't have to worry about dry hands, I just use my Antibacterial Hand Cream and I'm set. It has a lovely, subtle fresh scent and leaves my hands feeling soft and hydrated. It's quite rich, however it sinks in quickly and doesn't leave any greasy residue.   

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